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Here are a few tidbits from the headlines over the past few weeks:

*More Blue State Blues – Backstabbing in New York City:

“Police were looking for suspects and an explanation Wednesday after a man walked into a McDonald's in New York City chatting on a cellphone with a knife in his back.

"He was cool and calm. But you could tell he was shaken up," Michel Green, 43, who described himself as a friend of the victim, told the New York Post. "I went to pull the knife out, but someone said, 'No, no! It might have hit an artery!'"

The man, described as in his 50s, was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The incident took place in the Jamaica section of Queens.

"I don't know if he was in shock or what the situation was, but he was fine. It was like, 'Just another day in the hood,'" a witness told the Daily News. "It was crazy!"

A food truck worker on the block told the Post the stabbing stemmed from a previous fight. Sean Smith, of Queens, told the Daily News the stabbing was in retaliation for a robbery that took place recently on "the strip." He also blamed rampant drug use in the area, which has a methodone clinic.

"As you can see, the strip is filled with crackheads," Smith said.”


*Speaking of knives in the back - Lanny Davis, prominent Democrat and former White House adviser to President Bill Clinton, recently called for an independent counsel to investigate the IRS scandal. Said Davis:

“If this were a Republican administration I’d be saying when hard drives have been obliterated and this recent Lois Lerner—I think very inappropriate, maybe innocent but completely inappropriate—’maybe we should look at Mr. Grassley’ uh … there’s no Democrat that I know of that wouldn’t be asking a Republican administration to conduct an independent investigation.”


*In ObamaCare News:

--“Obamacare Exchanges are “Disappointing” With Fewer Than 4 Million Newly Insured. The Government Hoped for 26 Million.”

According to the article:

“In April, President Obama told the nation that “marketplace” or “exchange” enrollment, at 8 million customers as of March 31, had exceeded expectations and costs were lower than expected.

Many in the news media accepted the selectively released statistics, despite the Obama administration’s record of sometimes providing inaccurate or incomplete information on Even today, the government continues to withhold relevant public information on costs and enrollment requested by Congress and the press under the Freedom of Information Act.”

And especially:

“Many who were considered uninsurable now have affordable policies. But the Affordable Care Act has shifted the cost burden for those who already had insurance. More policies now have bigger deductibles and cost more.

“In general, healthy people are paying more and unhealthy people are paying less,” says a source who supports and helped implement Obamacare but is disappointed with the results to date, “with those above-average [income] tending to pay more and those below-average [income] tending to pay less.”

“Is the new law effective in reducing the number of uninsured? Yes, but so far not very,” he says.

Key questions include:

• How many actually have enrolled?
• How many of those were previously uninsured?
• How has Obamacare affected the overall pool of uninsured?
• What percentage of eligible people have signed up?
• What’s the cost?”

For the answers to these questions and more, see:

--“Obamacare Update: New EVEN MORE States Report Double-Digit Premium Hikes”

Highlights of this article include:

“Vermont, Connecticut and Arizona Obamacare customers will almost universally be paying higher premiums in 2015, contrary to one of the central promises of the health-care law — lower health care costs.

Insurers are upping premiums for all Obamacare exchange customers in Vermont, which is working its way to a single-payer health-care system to encompass the whole state by 2017. MVP Health Care has requested an average rate increase of 15.4 percent, while the only other insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, requested average hikes of 9.8 percent.”

For the entire article, see:

--And James Capretta of the Washington Examiner has come up with several “good ways to replace Obamacare, not simply repeal it.”

Here are the highlights from his article posted at

• Simply repealing the ACA implies a reversion to the pre-ACA status quo, which had its own set of problems

• Significant progress has been made in developing a practical and workable alternative

• The GOP has a credible plan to replace the ACA-- a plan that could be enacted if Washington power shifts in a more conservative direction

Remember: Your vote this November is important to any “Washington power shift.” Make it count!


*In related ObamaCare news, reports that a “Rise in part-time workers worries some experts.” From the article:

“Economists have few concerns about the number of workers employers are hiring this year, with the government reporting Friday that the economy added a surprising 288,000 jobs in June.

The number of hours employees are working?

That's a different story.

Among the few worrisome signs in Friday's generally encouraging employment report was a sharp rise in the number of part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs. The total jumped by 275,000 to 7.5 million, the Labor Department said.

Monthly changes in the jobs data are volatile and the ranks of so-called involuntary part-time workers fell by 196,000 the previous month. Still, June's total is the highest this year. Since the recovery began five years ago, the drop in the number of these part-time workers had been tracing the decline in the overall unemployment rate, but it has lagged so far this year, says Jim O'Sullivan, chief U.S. economist of High Frequency Economics.

The high number of involuntary part-time workers is consistent with an average workweek that was unchanged at 34.5 hours for the fourth straight month in June, says Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist of The Economic Outlook Group.

"It stands to reason that if the economy is improving, we would see employees put in more time on the job," Baumohl says. "This is usually a leading indicator of both future hiring and pay increases."

Instead, he notes, the economy has been running in place this year. Second-quarter growth will likely offset a 2.9% first-quarter contraction caused partly by bad weather.

Baumohl also cites a shift in the labor market, with employers increasingly using part-time and temporary workers to handle short-term projects. "Companies view labor more as inventory that is to be hired when they need it and let go when they don't need it."

The Affordable Care Act, which requires firms with at least 50 employees to provide health insurance to those working at least 30 hours, also could be prompting some businesses to hire more part-time workers, O'Sullivan says.

Baumohl says the shift toward part-time work is a big reason wage gains remain modest. In June, average wages were up just 2% over the previous 12 months.”


*And finally – for those who watch cable news comes this bullish report from

“Twenty-First Century Fox‘s Fox News Channel has reached 147th consecutive month at No. 1 spot in total viewers among cable news networks, in both total day and primetime. For the first quarter of 2014, Fox News was the only cable news network to grow compared to the prior year quarter. Higher ratings translate into better advertising revenues for the cable networks.

Fox News spends roughly 45% of its programming on factual reporting, and 55% on commentary and opinion. On the other hand, MSNBC dedicates an average of 15% of its programming to factual reporting while other 85% is dominated by commentary and opinion. CNN is the only channel of the three to spend more time on factual reporting than opinion and commentary. The mix appears to be working in Fox News’ favor as it continues to enjoy higher viewership than both MSNBC and CNN combined. It appears that Fox News will continue to dominate the news networks in the coming years.”

For the entire article, see:

Hmmmm…..147th consecutive months at No. 1 in total viewers among ALL cable news networks in both total day and in primetime. The ONLY cable news network to grow compared to the prior year quarter. Continues to enjoy HIGHER VIEWERSHIP THAN BOTH MSNBC AND CNN COMBINED. Is expected to continue to DOMINATE the news networks in the coming years.

If I had some disposable income and was inclined to invest in a cable news network, I’d know where I’d put my money, regardless of my political persuasion: with a WINNER. Fox News Channel appears to be the only cable news network in that category.

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Sheran commented on Wednesday, Jul 09, 2014 at 20:28 PM

Great blog, It's the truth...☺

Sheran commented on Wednesday, Jul 09, 2014 at 20:37 PM

That link didn't work the way I wanted it to! It was a standing applause for telling the truth....☺

HMJC commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 08:10 AM

Well Written Brother! Slowly but surely as the repeated shortcomings of the ACA continue to mount; it will get harder and harder for supporters to rally behind it. I do recall in a Blog you posted a long time ago that stated that the policy was going to have to be implemented in order for it to fail. Hmmm...

Funkentelecky commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 08:46 AM

Great post Chief with major factual information. Lanny Davis right too, a new email has surfaced with Lois Lerner confirming with IT within the I.R.S. that the hard drive can't be recovered. No wonder she has plead the 5 and was so arrogant about it by making a statement before pleading. Which probably is wrong in itself. The 5 questions to be answered about the ACA are relevant and had King Obama not changed the law it would have sustained a total implosion by now and it wouldn't be any doubt about the senate in November. I've said it over and over again to keep your friends close and your enemies closer and by that statement I live by too and that's why I know, accept and understand the failure of Obama. It be good for the country for more democrat liberal progressives to actually be more open minded and watch a factual news show on Fox so that they will be more informed with the truth. Most of the time they will talk negatively about Hannity and O'Reilly which are opinion shows. 85% of MSNBC lineup is opinion p, go figure!

sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:48 PM

Thanks, folks.

Sheran: Hopefully the truth will set us free.

HMJC: Yes - I think I tried to loosely paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, but it was obvious there was no way the GOP was going to stop the legislation with the House and Senate in the hands of the Dems. Now we are down the road and trying to "fix" the program. I still contend that what we will wind up with is:

*A program which incorporates many of the GOP initiatives.

*A program which bears little resemblance to what was originally passed.

*LOTS of harm to people whose "plans, policies and doctors" DID NOT HAVE TO BE MESSED WITH. We could have just subsidized those who we wanted to help (6-8 million people) AND LEFT THE OTHER 300 MILLION ALONE.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....what they did was blow up the whole system - primarily to have a "legacy." Obama wanted to be known as the FDR or Ronald Reagan of his generation. Now he'll be remembered as the Richard Nixon/Herbert Hoover President in the early 21st Century.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 13:01 PM

Funky: The more the GOP digs, the more comes out on IRS-Gate. They now have clear and convincing evidence that Lerner was trying to cover her tracks and subvert the investigation:

It's no wonder she took the 5th Amendment before Congress.

As for cable news, I wouldn't be surprised if CNN started showing reruns of the first Iraq War and some of their political shows from the 1990s. That would probably get better ratings than what they have on now. As for MSNBC - they have ZERO credibility as a "news organization." This was made clear during the last week of the 2012 presidential campaign:

The Bottom Line is this:

MSNBC is THE political propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and everybody knows it. The only people who watch MSNBC are those who want their own leftist mentality reinforced. MSNBC's audience is dwindling because - sooner or later - people have to face facts. This president and his administration are wrecking this country - day in and day out - with their disastrous policies and bumbling approach.

Our government is supposed to be a system of checks and balances. It is clear that President Obama is out of control and is doing more harm than good. We need a Republican majority in the House AND the Senate to try to rein him in.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 17:17 PM

....and now we're cooking:

Sheran commented on Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 at 20:06 PM

Read this commit from another blog and thought I would share.

When America should be enjoying unparalleled prosperity----ALL of our time, energy, resources are dedicated to UNF*CKING STUFF that Obama has messed up: VA, GM, IRS, Solyndra, Immigration, BoKo Haram, the Middle East.

This guy is a disaster and is destroying America!!!!

sebekm commented on Monday, Jul 14, 2014 at 14:09 PM


JimmyMack commented on Monday, Jul 14, 2014 at 16:01 PM

@Sheran: I like it when you talk dirty!

Sheran commented on Monday, Jul 14, 2014 at 21:29 PM

Everything is starting to fall apart! "POPCORN ANYONE"?☺

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