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There are few more satisfying talents than the ability to paint; to reproduce an image on canvas. The image can be a matter of taste. It can be a view from the kitchen window, a scene of fields running away with distant hills in the background. It may be a reproduction of a favourite photograph or a portrait of a friend. The painting grows from simple beginnings to finally reach a stage where you are happy to let friends and family see it. It may be someone close to you that has commissioned it or it is a gift for someone. There will be no more treasured gift than an original painting even if it is never of any great value. It is original.

Style and technique

It is possible to learn technique and many people actually attend classes under the watchful eye of a teacher who may not have as much skill as his or her pupils but understands the best techniques for producing an image.

Everyone has their own favourite style. Some like painting in oils, others in water colours. There are people who use crayon and pencil. There are specialists in art supplies like Jacksons Art Supplies that have the whole range of things that every budding artist might need. If you are setting out on a new hobby of painting then you will need some basics but at an early stage you may not have decided what suits you best.


If your inspiration has been the ‘Old Masters’ then you might decide that you want to paint in oils. They are specially produced; they dry because they use special oils derived from a variety of things such as walnut or poppy seeds. Different oils can produce differing effects and it is worth learning those differences at an early stage.
Oil painting dates back centuries, Buddhist artists in India and China first used oils around the 6th century. It was a skill that became much more common in Europe in the Renaissance. Museums and Galleries all over the world are filled with valuable paintings from the famous artists of the Renaissance and the following centuries.
Extremely wealthy people have often seen art as an investment as well as adorning their walls with originals. That is not for the ordinary person but there is something about having an original on your wall that beats even a copy of a famous masterpiece.


Your early efforts may not be good enough to take pride of place in your living room but if you have genuine talent it may not be long before you have something that you are happy to hang, even if it is just to get an initial reaction. It is great to get positive comment and it is round this time when you may decide it is worth doing something for a present or perhaps take a small commission from friends. You don’t have to achieve fame to enjoy your hobby and give pleasure to others at the same time.

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