Poll: Obama “Worst President” Since WWII
"I Don't Mind A Parasite. I Object To A Cut-Rate One."
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It’s now “official.” As I suggested in a recent blog (and as some of us here already knew), a new Quinnipiac University poll declares that in the opinion of the American people:

“Obama Is First As Worst President Since WWII..…More Voters Say Romney Would Have Been Better.”

See: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/news-and-events/quinnipiac-university-poll/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2056

Not only do the American people rate Obama “worse” than Dubya, but he even scores a whopping 20 percentage points “worse” than RICHARD NIXON. I never would have thought that any U.S. President in my lifetime would be rated worse than Nixon. But that just goes to show you Obama has something to look forward to: Eventually, somebody will probably be rated worse than him.

A related article at USATODAY.com has an excellent bar graph which illustrates how those who took the poll voted. See:


The USATODAY.com article further points out:

“Ronald Reagan topped the poll as the best president since World War II, with 35%. He is followed by presidents Bill Clinton (18%) and John F. Kennedy (15%).

Obama received only 8% in the best presidents poll.

The Quinnipiac poll also reports that 45% believe the nation would be better off had Mitt Romney defeated Obama in the 2012 presidential election; 38% say the country would be worse off with a Romney presidency.”

Repeat: Obama received only 8% in the best presidents poll.

This result demonstrates that the pool of Obama Kool-Aid drinkers has shrunk to its lowest level ever. Who could have imagined this in the heady days of "hope" and "change?" IMHO - the results of this poll only further reinforce the premise that there is no substitute for experience - especially when it comes to governing at the highest levels. The American people are finally beginning to clearly see what happens when you have a national leader who doesn't lead.

For additional commentary and analysis on this poll, see:



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JimmyMack commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 13:44 PM

Yes Sebe. Saw that on my MSN wake up home page this morning. Something told me you would be all over it.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 14:03 PM

Hi Jimmy. Yes - that was my sense a couple of months ago. But I was surprised to see Carter being "held in such high esteem" (or is that in such a LACK of low esteem?) by the respondents.

While it may seem like I'm "rooting" for these poll results, I'm really not. However, it is gratifying to see that a greater majority of the population-at-large is beginning to see things without the rose-colored glasses. Things are going from bad to worse, and no amount of spin or finger-pointing can change reality.

Bill Clinton confronted similar conditions - except it was at the mid-point of his first term. To his credit, he did what was necessary and moved to the political CENTER and worked with the GOP. The result? The public generally gives high marks to his presidency because he got things done and when he left office there were "budget surpluses as far as the eye could see." This didn't happen by accident, and it didn't happen because Clinton said "screw you" to his opposition the way Obama does.

Bill Clinton also said it best in his evaluation that Obama wasn't ready to be President in 2009. Clinton knew so well that there is a lot more to the highest office in the land than giving speeches and partaking in the perks. You actually have to GOVERN THIS COUNTRY. Obama has no experience governing - and I say this especially in light of the fact that he's been President FOR ALMOST SIX YEARS. You don't govern by executive orders; or by selectively enforcing the laws of the land; or by ramming through legislation which panders to the wacko far left of your political party.

The pundits are fond of saying that a President can't do it like Lyndon Johnson did back when in this day and age. I say that's B.S. Obama should have tried The Johnson Way. He had the political clout and the overwhelming support of the American people behind him in 2009. But he squandered his opportunities, and now he's being rated as the "worst President since WWI."

I see all of this as a logical "progression."

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 14:40 PM

...and speaking of polls, Hillary hasn't done herself much good lately either. As reported by the Zogby Analytics poll I referenced in another blog string:

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's fumbles and bumbles in the rollout of her latest memoir, Hard Choices, has knocked the wind out (o)f her easy sail to the White House and put her support in key 2016 presidential election matchups below 50 percent for the first time.

At a time when she should be padding her lead over the top Republican contenders, her underwhelming effort has cut her numbers, said pollster John Zogby.

In his latest Zogby Analytics survey taken June 27-29, for example, her commanding leads over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have shrunk greatly, and she doesn't even receive 50 percent of the vote. Worse, her support among married and wealthy voters has plummeted."

See: http://washingtonexaminer.com/2016-po...

HMJC commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 14:57 PM

I hate to sound radical but... if the current status quo continues; public sentiment for impeachment proceedings may not be too far fetched. Frankly I am just glad that America is starting to come out of the hopey changy haze and see this cat for what he is and is not. He has been a lame duck president for most of his term anyway. I would prefer we don't wait to move on.

JimmyMack commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 15:40 PM

It still ain't all over til the Fat Lady sings. Democrats continue to rake in cash. We all will not go gently into that good night.


gacpl commented on Wednesday, Jul 02, 2014 at 21:43 PM

cash wont help in 2016, all the parts of the health care bill that will cost people, either with higher premiums, less coverage, less working hours. will have kicked in by then. except for a manager or 2 in every restaurant nation wide all will be dropped to no more then 28 hours per week. the very people the health care bill was suppose to help. 13.5 million people. not just high school kids.

HMJC commented on Thursday, Jul 03, 2014 at 08:45 AM

Has anyone noticed that when Nobama screws something up the spin doctors immediately start making comparisons to the tune of: "Bush did this or that" with no allusion to the folly at hand. He continually try's to deflect his miss-steps by blaming the Republicans, Bush, Global Warming, the list goes on... Just for the record; the blaming most of his woes on the previous administration boat has sailed a long time ago. He has had 6 years and the current state of affairs lies directly in his lap. He needs to go now, period, dot!

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Jul 03, 2014 at 10:43 AM

Hi HMJC. I do not see BHO having to fend off impeachment proceedings any time soon. In fact, IF that would occur in the House, it would have the opposite effect, IMHO, in that it would galvanize the Left. The fact that Dems have raised millions since Boehner suggested he was going to sue BHO, would ignite an uproar far greater than dollars being donated to the party. I dare say, there would be people in the streets if impeachment proceedings started. A bunch of ANGRY PEOPLE. Not just those on the Left, but many of those in the middle. Wasn't it Funk who said BHO is 'impeachment proof?'

He will finish out his term, unless Bobby Jindal incites a 'hostile take over of D.C.' Then BHO will be forced to invoke martial law and the right will be stuck with him for quite a while and definitely longer than the two years BHO has left of his second term.

HMJC commented on Thursday, Jul 03, 2014 at 12:41 PM

JM, I do concur that he will most likely finish his term but as already stated; it is quack, quack, quack, for the rest of his term. As for the money; no amount of cash is going to erase damage this cat has done. If you think about it; in order to rally around something you have to have something that is actually tangible to rally around. There is not one thing this cat has touched that can be touted as a success; nothing. This next two years can not go by fast enough.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Jul 09, 2014 at 14:51 PM

AMEN! November 2014 may provide some relief, but November 2016 is when we'll have some REAL hope for change..

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