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Bullies, Bullies, Rule
Boat Rocker, Not Good Old Boy
Last comment by Sheran 2 years, 11 months ago.

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It's my humble opinion that bullies are alive, well, and flourishing in Liberty County Schools. What do I base my opinion on? Well, here goes. My 12 year old grand-daughter does not want to go to school because of one boy continues asking her for a date. My grand-daughter declined his unwanted invitation. As a result the lad has turned up persistent advances . So, she is ill, and does not want to attend school. The lad, and his co-conspirators are creating rumors. When my daughter confronted school administrators about the plight of my grand-daughter the young man was summoned to the school office. When questioned he stated that he was just teasing, and joking. School administrators have dismissed the bullying complaint as a harmless prank. So the school blew it off, and nothing was done. If this was your child or grand-child what would you do? I believe that the failure to act by the school enables, encourages, and defends bullying. Again, what say you?

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Sheran commented on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 19:29 PM

Jimmy, you're giving great advice! I for one don't want to hear about anymore shootings or suicides due to bullies.

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