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Obama's 'Voter ID' Scam Is Busted!
Last comment by sebekm 6 months, 2 weeks ago.

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Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

Folks, we are being scammed. Democrats are winning elections through what appears to be massive voter fraud.

There is a saying, “He with the gold rules.” Well, whoever wins elections has the gold. The winner has the power to change everything, so he rules.

It doesn’t matter if the win was by a small margin, or if the win was by committing fraud.

Winning is everything.

Many citizens may not realize most national elections are won by a sliver of votes in only a few, key battleground States.

Change the vote totals by a small bit in a few States and Mitt Romney is the President:

Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania.

Why did Barack Obama and Democrats win by just a sliver in those few battleground States?

In 2012, it was a powerful one-two punch, both of which I believe were out-and-out voter fraud.

First, Obama used the Internal Revenue Service as his personal Mafia thug enforcers to persecute, intimidate and destroy his political opposition — ranging from Tea Party groups, to conservative fundraising organizations, to top GOP donors, to high-profile outspoken critics in the media (like myself).

This widespread Obama-IRS conspiracy killed enthusiasm and intensity, dampened energy, silenced free speech and prevented fundraising through an IRS witch hunt.

This changed the outcome of the 2012 election, and Obama should be impeached for it.

If you think impeachment can’t happen, study Ukraine.

One day, the president is mocking protesters and sending police to kill them.

The next day, he is on the run for his life, abandoning his lavish palace, impeached by Congress;

and the military is hugging the citizens in the streets.

It all changes quickly.
But still, I believe the IRS scandal is the smaller problem.

Impeach Obama and no President will use the IRS for political purposes ever again. Problem solved.

The more widespread problem involves voter ID (or the lack of it).

Without voter ID, Democratic voters across this country could be voting four times, five times, 10 times each.

There is no way to prevent it, and the facts indicate that is exactly what happened.

Take Philadelphia as just one example. There were voting precincts in Philly where the combined vote was Obama over Romney by about 30,000-0.

In those precincts GOP poll watchers were forcibly removed for several hours, until judges ordered them back in.

During those hours, were the ballot boxes stuffed?

Did Democratic voters vote 10 times each?

As absurd as 30,000-0 is (it’s just statistically impossible), maybe the right vote total was 6,000-0.

If I’m wrong, why did the wolves want the chicken coup left unguarded?

Here is an example of what’s happening across the country:

An Ohio woman who sat on the board of an environmental group that received an Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency grant and attended a conference with Obama’s Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, was convicted of voter fraud because she voted for Obama six times in the 2012 election.

This has barely been in the mainstream media.

That’s because they don’t want you to know about it.

They don’t want you to realize what it represents.

They don’t want the light bulb to go off over your head — that this case represents “the tip of the iceberg.”

It’s important to note that after serving time in prison for her crime, her sentence was reduced by a George Soros-funded group’s intervention.

Then, upon release from prison, she was hugged on stage by Al Sharpton at a Democratic rally.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Connect the dots.

Important Democrats with important careers, sitting on boards of influential organizations that receive government funding are voting six times.

She’s just the one who got caught.

How many more are there?

Just think how many anonymous Democratic voters across this country, with nothing to lose, with no job at all, are voting six or 10 or 20 times.

Think of the importance of national Democratic figures like Sharpton publicly congratulating a criminal released from prison for voter fraud.

Think of the importance of Soros-funded groups fighting on her behalf.

Elections are being stolen across this country in order to advance the agenda to redistribute income and “murder the middle class.”

Sharpton’s hug was a wink and a nod.

Democratic insiders know this is exactly how they win elections.

How easy is it to cheat?

Even left-leaning POLITICO just reported the voter registration system is in chaos.

Millions of dead people are still on the voter rolls, 24 million registrations are no longer valid, 12 million have incorrect addresses and 2.75 million people are registered to vote in more than one State.

Democrats hate voter ID.

It’s one of their biggest issues.

But that’s ridiculous. Voter ID is a no-brainer.

You need an ID to do most anything:

Cash a check,

buy cigarettes or alcohol,

get food stamps,

or get any government benefits.

You even need ID to get into government buildings!

So why are Democrats so intense and passionate about such a minor issue?

Methinks thou protesteth too much.

This is a much bigger issue than meets the naked eye.

Democrats are losing their minds over voter ID because they know they can’t win elections without fraud.

Obama and his socialist cabal are making

“a mountain out of a molehill”

because this is their edge.

This is how they win elections when their policies are a failure,

when they’ve ruined the economy,

when they’ve spent the country into bankruptcy,

when they’ve killed millions of jobs.

Voter ID is their secret weapon.

They stuff the ballot box.

They cheat.

I dare Democrats to prove me wrong.

But of course they can’t,

because without voter ID,

there is no way to prove voters are voting multiple times,

in different precincts,

using false names or the names of dead voters or the names of voters who have moved,

or using illegal immigrants to illegally vote across this country.

But there is proof positive voter ID is a scam.

The Obama-Democratic Party argument against voter ID is that:

It’s racist.

It’s meant to stop people from voting.

It’s too big a burden for poor and minority voters to obtain ID.

I just returned from two doctor visits for a checkup and a follow-up test.

These were my first doctor visits since Obamacare took effect.

Guess what both medical offices asked me for before any doctor could see me or any medical test could be done?

Official government-issued photo ID.

You cannot see a doctor or receive your free Obamacare without ID to prove it’s really you.

A health insurance card won’t do the trick, simply because the medical office needs to prove you are in fact the person whose name is on the insurance card.

I questioned the nurses at both offices.

They verified no one can collect their “free” Obamacare services from any doctor without showing ID.

And since everyone is now required to have health insurance (or is given free insurance), the government is requiring that everyone have a photo ID.

Does that make Obama and the Democrats racists?

No, what it makes them is hypocrites who are in total fear of fair elections that they know they have no chance of winning —

no chance,

that is, unless they cheat.

Don’t look now, but Obamacare just opened the door for voter ID.

This is where the younger generation screams, “Busted!”

Let’s take the hypocrisy a step further.

Every single Democratic voter must be lining up to get his photo ID so he can get his free Obamacare.

So the argument that poor and minority Democrat voters don’t have ID,

or shouldn’t be “burdened” to get it, is out the window.

I think this is where the younger generation screams, “Double busted.”

That leaves only one possible reason to oppose photo ID for voters:

the ability to cheat!

The whole voter ID scam is dead in the water — just like the Obama economy.

The argument against voter ID is killed — just like jobs in this Obama economy.

And anyone who tries to argue

“most voters don’t have ID”

is a liar — just like the President who said,

“If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”
Obama, you are busted.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

See you next week. God bless America.

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timeontarget commented on Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 at 05:36 AM

Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R.) is a former Presidential candidate, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, and a Libertarian-conservative national media star. His new book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” is a #1 national best-seller in bookstores, as well as an Amazon #1 Finance and Conservative bestseller. A former CNBC anchorman and host (then known as Financial News Network), Root is the ultimate Capitalist Evangelist: a blue-collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher) turned CEO, small businessman, serial entrepreneur, business speaker, and TV/radio commentator on the topics of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and politics. Root is a regular guest on Fox News, as well as on hundreds of conservative talk radio shows across the United States. His opinions reach tens of millions of Americans as a regular columnist and commentator for many of the most popular political and business websites, including FoxNews.com. He also writes regularly for The Washington Times. He is the bestselling author of eight books. Root serves as national spokesman for several companies, as well as a Senior Economic Advisor. Root is also well known in the television and media industries. He has hosted, starred and produced many television shows. Today, he is a producer of the highest-rated television show on Travel Channel. Because of his success in the diverse fields of business, media, sports, entertainment and publishing, Root was awarded his own 180-pound granite star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Only 60 legends in the history of Las Vegas have received a star on Las Vegas Boulevard. A native New Yorker and graduate of prestigious Columbia University, this Capitalist Evangelist proudly resides in Nevada, a state with no income tax.

timeontarget commented on Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 at 05:38 AM

His website is ROOTforAmerica.com

sebekm commented on Monday, Mar 31, 2014 at 17:41 PM

"Without voter ID, Democratic voters across this country could be voting four times, five times, 10 times each."

And they ARE--and when they do, they are applauded; warmly embraced; and glorified by the Democratic Party establishment. Plus it looks like they get PAID for it, too:


JimmyMack commented on Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014 at 09:07 AM

@Sebe. I know you are smart. Everyone here knows that. But I think someone hacked your Blog account and I think I know who did it. Tot!

JimmyMack commented on Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014 at 09:11 AM

Dead people voting 4-5 times... Yall are on to us. WE HAVE the ZOMBIE vote.

WE knew we'd get caught on this one...

sebekm commented on Thursday, Apr 03, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Yes you have. Horace Cooper said it best in his article I linked to in another blog which you obviously chose to ignore:

"Voter scams and scandals are notorious in Chicago and across much of Illinois, including....fake registrations with made-up names; "ghost" voting by the dearly departed....and ineligible felons and illegal aliens casting illegal ballots. And Chicago's problem isn't just distant history.

The Illinois Attorney General's Office recently prosecuted and convicted two Cook County election workers for election fraud for violating voter privacy by "supervising" voters as they completed ballots. In 2002, dozens of Chicago's senior citizens applied for absentee ballots, only to discover that the man who was helping them to apply had already filled in the ballots. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, when the seniors asked him what he was doing, he answered: "Don't worry, you're voting Democratic."2

Then there's Chicago's interstate rival, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Police Department was directed to investigate voter fraud that occurred during the 2004 presidential election. In 2008, the MPD task force issued a troubling and extensive report.

According to the study, 16 workers from the John Kerry campaign committed felonies that went unprosecuted by Wisconsin authorities. The task force identified a single property where 128 different people were registered to vote, and each one was signed up for the 2004 election. The report cited cases of double-voting, "ghost" voting by dead people, and uncounted absentee ballots that were discovered only after the election was over and the winner declared. The task force questioned the voter registration practices of a number of homeless shelters, and found homeless individuals registered in multiple locations. With no photo ID required to vote in Wisconsin at the time, anyone could have cast multiple ballots simply by knowing the homeless man's name. As the MPD investigation observed, "vote portability and the abject poverty that defines homelessness, make these unfortunate individuals vulnerable to become the tools of voter fraud by those who would exploit the homeless."3

And let's not forget Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where, during the 2008 presidential election, the New Black Panthers were famously permitted to stand guard in front of the city's precinct polling locations, armed with nightsticks. That was the same election year that CNN reported that 1,500 of Philadelphia's ballots were sent to the U.S. Attorney's Office to be investigated, with another 8,000 considered "suspect." Then, in 2010, Fox News reported that Bucks County was investigating 500 allegedly fraudulent ballots involving a door-to-door canvassing scheme and forged absentee ballot signatures. And we can add to the list reports of voters receiving letters from the Pennsylvania Voters Assistance Office – an office that doesn't exist.

See: http://www.nationalcenter.org/NPA636....

sebekm commented on Thursday, Apr 03, 2014 at 12:47 PM

The reason the Democrats don't want vigorous anti-voter fraud measures is that they get a lot of their votes from cheating. That's the only answer that makes sense. If they were HONEST and cared about the integrity of the system, they wouldn't be fighting the problem. The small number of people who "can't get" a free voter ID card could be taken care of by the same Democrat "get out the vote" machine that finagles to cheat. After all, they have no problem getting everybody free cell phones and getting them on food stamps. Why can't they act like they are real stakeholders in an honest election system? It's because they are MAJOR beneficiaries of a corrupt system, that's why. There's no other answer that passes the stink check and the straight-fact test.

timeontarget commented on Friday, Apr 04, 2014 at 07:29 AM


JimmyMack commented on Saturday, Apr 05, 2014 at 08:28 AM

At the risk of appearing to lend any form of legitimacy to a bitter old man on psychotropic medication I will offer up these words:

As a result of the 2000 POTUS election which the Republicans "won" even while losing the National Popular Vote, we DEMS, even on a slow learning curve will soon learn how to STEAL ENTIRE STATES as Republican Sec. Of State, Katherine Harris of Florida did in 2000.

Republicans stole a WHOLE STATE!!!

Now THAT fellow bloggers is vote stealing by nullification on a Grand Scale. That action ain't misdemeanor type "shoplifting" votes, 1-2-3-4-5...at a time, what Republicans did in Florida in 2000, that particular theft set the benchmark for voter tampering. All done by cheating Republicans on a highly felonious level. Hence called: THE BIG CHEAT.

Not THAT'S Stealing. It ain't knockin over some a bunch of likker stores, no, that's not even Grand Theft Auto. What it amounts to in terms of 'cheating\stealing' is knocking over Fort Knox, taking all the Gold, And getting away with it! Your thieves Escaped Justice. Yall seem to catch our evil doers on an incrementally small by comparison basis and "document" it for posterity. Our brothers and sisters go to jail. Yall's thieves have lunch in the Oval Office.

Republicans, like Drug Cartels, understand that the big prize is in VOLUME CHEATING not just making street corner deals.

I just looked at my watch...it's time for your medication Tot.

And Tot, you got to admit it... I have not lied to you yet. I told you how to cut and paste (talk about the road to hell being paved with good intentions), I told you how to send mail here.

Swallow the meds a half hour before bedtime. Trust me on this.

sebekm commented on Friday, Apr 11, 2014 at 14:30 PM

We need honest elections - period. We have the technology to ensure that only legal votes are cast. This can be done easily if our government and our political parties stop fighting the problem. If the Democrats can exponentially increase the food stamp rolls and expand the welfare state to heretofore unseen levels, THEY CAN HELP TO ENSURE THAT OUR ELECTIONS ARE HONEST AND FAIR.

There was more election fraud in Pennsylvania in 2012 then there ever was in Florida in 2000. (See my voter ID blog for details.) But the solution is not to make excuses, it is to FIX THE PROBLEM. Every legal citizen can EASILY be provided with adequate voter ID which will go a long way toward solving that part of the voter fraud problem. The Dems don't want it because they benefit MOST from illegal votes. It's as simple as that.

They should not be allowed to get away with it.

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