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And when it comes to politics, it’s pretty smart, too. In several of my recent blogs, I’ve pointed out some changes the GOP is making to their political operation to more fully utilize technology and take a page from the strategy which helped the Democrats win the last two presidential elections. I read an article the other day which further demonstrates that perhaps – just perhaps – the Republicans can get their act together and actually compete in the 2016 presidential election, regardless of who the Democrat candidate is.

In an article titled “RNC chairman: Primary changes will rebuild GOP,” it appears that the Republicans are finally making some common sense changes to their candidate selection process that – among other things - should minimize the damage they do to themselves and limit that which has traditionally been done to them by The Fourth Estate.

Here is the article in its entirety:

“RNC chairman: Primary changes will rebuild GOP

By JULIET WILLIAMS March 16, 2014 7:09 AM

BURLINGAME, Calif. (AP) — Planned changes to the Republican Party's presidential selection process are part of a rebuilding process that will strengthen the GOP brand and hopefully make its presidential nominee more competitive in 2016, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told California Republicans on Friday, calling the GOP's current primary process "a complete disaster."

Priebus said shortening the primary process by moving up the national convention at which the nominee is typically selected to June and cutting the number of debates are "not an establishment takeover. This is using your brain. Everything's not a conspiracy."

"I think a traveling circus of debates is insanity in this party," Priebus told about 200 delegates. "We're proposing to have fewer than 10, and this time around, we're going to pick the moderators."

Priebus is proposing to hold just 10 debates for the would-be GOP nominees in 2016, compared with the 27 held ahead of the 2012 race in which former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was eventually selected as the party's nominee.

The chairman also touted a key victory this week in a hard-fought Florida congressional race that is seen as a possible bellwether of November midterm election. Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a special election Tuesday that largely turned on President Barack Obama's health care law.

"By the way, people still hate Obamacare, and that helped," he said to laughter.

Republicans are trying to catch up to the high-tech operations that Democrats used to elect Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Priebus said the GOP has an office in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Mateo that is building a $35 million data platform to help candidates.

He said he is trying to convert the party from one that showed up "for five months once every four years," into one that works year-round and can invest in competitive governor's races and congressional races in every state.”


Some of the above changes are of the “DUH” variety, such as shortening the process, moving up the convention, and reducing the number of debates. By doing this, they are following age-old political wisdom by trying to minimize the damage they do to their own potential candidates. The way they’ve been doing it only feeds ammunition to the Democrats and to the lamestream media (more about that below).

Further, I see it as a VERY smart move for them to select their own moderators for their debates. So what if the “major news networks” boycott coverage – it just means that everybody who actually wants to watch the debates can tune in to FNC or C-SPAN. Big deal. But by doing this, it can potentially significantly minimize the back-handed damage that the leftstream media has been able to do to GOP candidates for years via the moderator.

In any case, at least the GOP is trying to put themselves on even footing and get back into the ball game. When your opponent is working 24/7/365 for four years to defeat you, it isn’t very smart if you only focus – as Priebus points out – for five months every four years. These changes, along with those being implemented in voter data mining and grass roots state-by-state organization, should put the Republicans on a path to success in 2016.

Whether any of this does them any real good is another matter.

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