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What is the deal with the uniforms
Last comment by sebekm 3 months, 2 weeks ago.

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This post is in reference to the liberty county education department and the implementation of school uniforms. What were the desired effects of a school uniform policy?
Was that accomplished?
If not, will the school board continue to enforce the policy?

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JimmyMack commented on Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 at 16:21 PM

@SHAN. Mine(boys) are grown and so I haven't really paid that much attention to the uniform policy. I do know it exists. I am not sure what BOE district you live in but you have a representative that should take the time to give you the information you need. They are located at 200 Bradwell St. in one of the three "taj mahals" our leaders have built unto themselves.

Anyway you can reach them by phone at 876-2161 and get the Administration office. It would probably be best to discuss the matter with your board rep.

If they are not in...ask if there is someone there that will explain the uniform policy to you.

It is your right to know. For the most part they are user friendly folks.

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 at 09:19 AM

@SHAN. Philosophically speaking...uniforms are a method utilized to diminish envy among students. Which, is some cases may lead them to negative acting out towards others.

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 at 13:49 PM

Envy, that is, may lead them to.....

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 at 17:00 PM

@SHAN. Did you get the answer you were looking for?

shannalat commented on Friday, Mar 14, 2014 at 09:15 AM

Not yet I plan on trying to contact someone again. I understand the philosophy behind the use of uniforms but I have a problem with using our children for tests like this.
The uniform policy to me is a huge misuse of the school boards time and money.

JimmyMack commented on Friday, Mar 14, 2014 at 09:49 AM

Shan, my dear, the only applicable words I can offer up this morning is that you are not in Kansas anymore. Not that you ever were there, but the political juggernaut here rivals the one Dorothy experienced in Force rating in the Wizard of Oz.

The Twister we have here tho differs greatly in visibility. Here it is insidious and well entrenched.

I am a local. Yet I am not immune from abuse.

shannalat commented on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 at 13:21 PM

I have sent an e-mail in an attempt to understand this school board it follows:

Hello board members,
I have a question. I have children in the Liberty county school system and do not understand why the school board has such a strict uniform policy. What exactly is the purpose for this policy?

Is this helpful and needed for my child's education? If so how? I do not understand why they cannot where the same clothing they wear everywhere else to school. They do not dress inappropriately or lewd.

The more children you have the more this policy moves from a simple foolish nuisance to a considerable cost. A cost that could be better used for my children s education.

Cost aside I am also concerned about the psychological damage being done to my children. Has anyone in the school system addressed the abstract written by David L. Brunsma and Kerry A. Rockquemore, which basically point out uniforms ineffectiveness at making a positive difference in schools and in fact fueling rivalries?

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 at 21:06 PM

Shannalat: I believe the local uniform policy has "evolved" via trial and error over many, many years. Both of my children attended Liberty County schools (Middle School/Bradwell Institute) and I recall a uniform policy being in place then. Both my wife and I attended parochial schools where the uniform we were required to wear was inconsistent with what we wore everywhere else - and that was back in the 1950s and 1960s. (Boys were required to wear coat and tie - even in elementary school - and girls were required to wear a jacket and skirt that in elementary school was generally consistent with school colors and in "high school" was specific to their particular status - i.e., green, brown, rust and blue for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.)

The arguments you make are the same as those made by my wife's parents and by my parents when she and I were kids; and by my wife and I as parents ourselves. The answer we always got from the school as to why a strict uniform policy was necessary was that it solves more problems than it creates. For the schools, that has always seemed to be the bottom line.

My hunch is that you'll get an answer along thsse same lines. Hopefully you will get an answer.

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 at 21:09 PM

...along these same lines....

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 at 21:20 PM

P.S. It is my understanding that these are the current Liberty schools dress standards:


Four pages of detailed instructions does seem at first blush to be a bit too much, but the basic reasons for the policy are stated in the first sentence:

"In the interest of improved student performance, school safety, a reduction in student disruptions, and improved student self esteem, the Liberty County Board of Education has enacted a mandatory uniform dress code policy for all students in kindergarten through grade twelve."

There are four elements listed above - performance, safety, disruptions and self-esteem. I suspect each element has been "battle tested" over many years of trial and error, and the policy now in place is the result.

I'm not defending the school system, but just providing my personal experience and insights.

shannalat commented on Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014 at 20:52 PM

Thanks for the link. I still have yet to get a response from the board. I have a big problem with the uniform policy. I mean pointing to uniforms as a way to improve performance, safety and self esteem seems a bit thin. Truly the school board cannot be so petty that they assume placing a child in a pair of khaki pants and polo shirt will improve his or her self esteem and GPA. The accomplishments of the uniform policy are very hard to measure, however the drawbacks are evident. Every child who has had an infraction for not wearing the proper uniform is a direct result of this added policy. Had the policy not exsited in this draconian style this child would not have suffered an infraction of course had the child conformed to the policy inspite of the draconian nature he or she would not have suffered. It is tough, especially when we work so hard to teach our children to be unique individuals and be proud of who they are, to have them dress the same as everyone else day after day to send them to school. Some may argue that this is only clothes I am complaining about and i would say yes it is only clothes and therefore it is not worth the time of our educators or board of education.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Mar 27, 2014 at 13:51 PM

"I mean pointing to uniforms as a way to improve performance, safety and self esteem seems a bit thin."

Believe it or not, it's "thicker" than you might imagine. Without a uniform dress code you wouldn't believe what some parents (and their kids) believe is "acceptable." I'm talking about gang-related attire, boobs and butts hanging out, the most extreme get-ups you can possibly imagine would be strolling the halls of the schools and they absolutely can't have that.

And then you have the people who want to send their kids in with clothing (shoes, etc.) worth BIG BUCKS, and then the kids get ripped of and the parents hold the school responsible and demand reimbursement.

So then the issue in school becomes what the other kids are wearing and holding onto your own stuff, and NOT academics and what the kids are really supposed to be focused on.

I understand your arguments and I've made 'em myself back when, but I've come to see the wisdom in the school's position. They didn't just come up with four pages of requirements/restrictions because somebody had twitchy keyboard fingers (like me). I'm sure that each item listed was included because the school system learned a lesson THE HARD WAY.

I'd be interested to hear what the school says in reply to your inquiry. If I were you, I wouldn't settle for silence. If necessary, I'd make an appointment to talk personally to a school administrator to get your answers.

Good luck.

shannalat commented on Friday, Mar 28, 2014 at 07:55 AM

I cant help but feel that a uniform policy does not address the real issues. With parents sending children to school dressed improperly and gang violence.

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 at 16:37 PM

I guess it's a good thing we don't live in Broward County, Florida:


sebekm commented on Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Just saw this and thought you might be interested:


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