Young People Are “Knuckleheads”
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I wonder if those young “knuckleheads” who carried President Obama to victory in the last two Presidential elections would have cast their ballots for him if they knew that’s what the First Lady thought of them? Read about it here - with video:

(I watched it live on the Tonight Show last night.)

*66% of “young voters” went for Obama in 2008 in numbers that NBC News described at the time as “the key to Obama’s win.” See:

*In 2010, the turnout of young voters fell a whopping 60% - and look what happened to the Democrats then. (I’ll remind you – the GOP took over the House and is now poised to make a strong run at the Senate.) See:

*In 2012, those “knuckleheads” once again bought what Mr. Obama was selling, and were a “decisive” factor in carrying him to his slim (less than 4%) popular vote win. See:

In 2014, the Democrats will certainly be hamstrung by the historical trend of the political party of a second term President suffering a huge mid-term election loss. This was already a GIVEN. However, now - on top of that - you have the albatross of the ObamaCare roll-out fiasco and its continuing deleterious effects on jobs, the economy, and the health care plans and service networks of ObamaCare “losers.” Now add to all of this the Freudian admission that - even at the highest levels of the Obama administration - the belief is that “young people are knuckleheads.”

Democrats and their minions will try to spin this one away as (perhaps) just some more late night humor. But just imagine what a negative political firestorm would have occurred if ANN ROMNEY had referred to young people as “knuckleheads” in the last presidential campaign. The Democrats would have rode THAT one for all it was worth, and their media henchmen would have been talking about it still. It would NOT have been “late night humor.” It would have been an indictment and a reinforcement of all the GOP stereotypes that the Democrats have been pushing for years.

Hopefully, the Republicans and the conservative media will not let this one die. It will be tricky, but there should be some way to remind young voters in November that the party that promised them so much but has delivered so little (especially regarding their FUTURE) actually thinks of them as “knuckleheads.”

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