Obama’s Poll Numbers Continue To Go South
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That’s the gist of the following excerpts from links which report same.

*First, on January 30th, the Washington Examiner published a particularly interesting compilation of the Gallup organization’s polling of President Obama’s approval rating for the entire year of 2013. One significant portion of the compilation compares Obama’s approval ratings in the states specifically targeted by the Democrats for the 2012 election with his approval ratings at the end of 2013. (Note: Obama’s win in these states made the difference in not only the President’s slim - less than 4% - popular vote victory, but also were the reason for his large electoral vote win.)

Colorado: -9 percentage points
Florida: -3 percentage points
Iowa: -10 percentage points
Michigan: -6 percentage points
Nevada: -7 percentage points
New Hampshire: -8 percentage points
New Mexico: -8 percentage points
North Carolina: -8 percentage points
Ohio: -8 percentage points
Pennsylvania: -9 percentage points
Virginia: -4 percentage points
Wisconsin: -7 percentage points

The article further points out that:

--“Obama approval has dropped farther (percentage point-wise) than the national average in every one of these states except Florida.”


--”This is good news for the Republicans, especially because there are Democratic Senate seats up in six of these states (Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia), which Republicans seem to have some chance of winning. There are also nationally significant and probably seriously contested governor races in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

--“In 2012, Obama carried 26 states and D.C. with 332 electoral votes. Gallup's 2013 numbers currently show him above 49.9 percent (his lowest winning percentage in any state in 2012) in only 11 states and D.C., which would give him 163 electoral votes.” (269 are needed to win, which would leave Obama 106 electoral votes short.)

See: http://washingtonexaminer.com/gallup-obama-approval-numbers-suggest-shifting-electoral-college-map/article/2543124

*Next - in other poll results for 2013 - gallup.com reported in December that Mr. Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics plunged nearly 25% during the period December 2012 and November 2013. A major reason for this huge drop is undoubtedly the Hispanic community’s experience with ObamaCare. See:


*Further - in poll results announced last week conducted jointly by two polling research firms - independent and swing voters are “hating everything Obama.” Specifically:

--Sixty-six percent of independents said they disapprove of “Barack Obama going around Congress and using executive orders.”

--Only 15 percent of independents think Obama’s efforts to bypass Congress are “the way our government is supposed to work.”

--Sixty-two percent of independents said the federal government is providing too many services to too many people. Only 18 percent of independents believe government is not offering enough services.

--Sixty-seven percent of independents said the federal government’s policies have increased the wealth gap between rich and poor.

--Only 21 percent of swing-voting independents give him an A or a B on economic matters. Fifty-seven percent give him a D, E, F, or incomplete.

I found these additional poll results particularly interesting:

--“African-Americans approve his use of unilateral action by only 54 percent to 42 percent, and only 68 percent give him an A or B rating on his economic performance. Thirty-three percent give him a C rating or below on economics — suggesting they won’t turn out to support Democratic candidates in November.”

See: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/14/poll-shows-swing-voters-hating-everything-obama/

Note that while this poll was commissioned by Fox News, IT WAS NOT CONDUCTED BY FOX NEWS – nor was Fox News involved in compiling the results. As the above link points out:

“The poll was conducted by two companies who normally work for Democratic and GOP candidates. The Democratic-affiliated company was Anderson Robbins Research and the GOP-affiliated company was Shaw & Company Research.”

*Finally, in the solid “blue” state of Minnesota, the StarTribune reports that “half in state disapprove of Obama's performance for first time since election.” While this may not be of any earth-shattering significance for Al Franken’s senatorial re-election bid in November, it further demonstrates how Mr. Obama’s numbers continue to go south - even in the bluest of Democrat-controlled states in the north. In particular, the article reports:

“President Obama’s job approval rating has turned negative for the first time since 2009, according to the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, with fully half of Minnesotans saying they disapprove of his performance as president. Obama’s job approval rating in the new poll has fallen to 43 percent.

The numbers are a sharp change from April 2009, when 62 percent of those polled said they liked how Obama was running the country.”

See: http://www.startribune.com/politics/245706951.html

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JimmyMack commented on Monday, Feb 17, 2014 at 17:19 PM

Duz dis means Krongrass' numbas be up, din?

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Nope. But the subject of the blog is not Congress' numbers, but Obama's. And while Congress' numbers may make for good talking points for the left, for the upcoming elections in November the only numbers that count are how voters tie Democrats to Obama and his agenda - especially his "signature legislation" of ObamaCare.

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