Another Reason To Vote Republican in November
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It came in the mail this afternoon. An immediate family member of mine discovered she has to pay extra on her health plan for PEDIATRIC DENTAL CARE FOR THE CHILDREN SHE DOESN'T HAVE. That's right - we were told by the insurance company that pediatric dental care is mandatory for EVERY ADULT - regardless of sex or age - as a result of ObamaCare. This provided my daughter's insurance company - BCBSGA - with ANOTHER excuse to jack up her premiums ON TOP OF THE INCREASE FOR BASIC MEDICAL COVERAGE THEY STUCK HER WITH LAST MONTH.

The news of this outrage is just now hitting the airwaves across the country. A woman named Amelia Hamilton posted a blog two weeks ago at in which she outlines the exact same experiences:

"Good news, readers. I now have pediatric dental insurance. I don’t have kids, I have a dog. I'm not responsible for the teeth of any children at all, but I’ve got the insurance now just in case. I don’t need pediatric dental insurance, I didn’t know I wanted pediatric dental insurance, but Obama thinks I do, so I must now buy it.

That’s right. I got a call from my health insurance company to discuss changes to my plans due to Obamacare. One of those changes was the addition of pediatric dental insurance. I naively explained that I don’t have children, as though that might make a difference, and was told that it didn’t matter. Whether or not I have children, whether or not they have teeth, and whether or not I wanted dental care for said teeth if they existed is not relevant in today’s America. The government says I need pediatric dental care, so I am now paying for pediatric dental care.

It’s not expensive. In fact, it's a negligible amount of money. However, it’s a negligible amount of my money, and I’d like to spend it as I see fit. I had no say at all in the matter. It’s not as though the government can trust regular Americans to make their own decisions about useless coverage. My Dad likes to say that “a lot of a little is a lot,” and I have to assume that mine is not an usual story. How many people are being forced to pay a negligible amount? How much is being taken from Americans for health care they neither want nor need? You can bet it adds up to a significant amount of money.

In the America of 2014, we have the government forcing men to purchase maternity coverage and people without children purchasing pediatric dental insurance. While I don’t have children, Virgil, my dog just had his first birthday, and he has teeth. Do you think they’d notice if I stuck him in the dental chair? I might as well get something for my money."


One thing about the above - the BCBSGA rep told me that it the pediatric dental requirement was mandatory for every adult - male or female. For my daughter, the "negligible amount" added to her insurance premium is just under $5.00 per month. But that's on top of a significant overall increase they stuck on there last month. Who knows what will crawl out of the woodwork in the way of additional ObamaCare "requirements"/jacked up premiums in the weeks and months ahead?

I've been doing my broken-record impression for months on this here web site about ObamaCare and its incredibly flawed provisions. I am certain that voters across the country who get unpleasant surprises in the coming months like the one we got today will make their feelings known at the ballot box in November.

For my family, I intend to assist my daughter in fighting this unnecessary/absolutely useless increase in her premium. We'll probably lose the battle - since the law WAS crammed down our throats. But the folks on the other end of the phone from me will get an earful, as will my elected representatives. They're already tired of hearing from me, and they are correct in their assertion that they - as Republicans - were not complicit in foisting ObamaCare on the American people. But that doesn't mean they don't have to listen. Perhaps it will strengthen their resolve to fix this broken law or get rid of it.

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PoliticsNation commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:24 PM

The Affordable Care Act was among the most discussed news stories of 2013. Much of the reporting centered on the many frustrations and problems caused by its halting implementation. Merging health insurance with federal law is bound to result in complicated text, and the ACA is all that one would expect in this regard. Amid all the noise and confusion lie some gems that we can celebrate, such as the inclusion of habilitation services as part of the newly required package of health insurance benefits.

Habilitation is the provision of services that help individuals with developmental disabilities improve, maintain and prevent deterioration of functioning. In the past, most health insurance policies did not include these kinds of services and defined them as educational rather than health-related issues. Through the diligent efforts of consumer advocate groups and professional groups, such as the American Occupational Therapy Association, habilitation services have been added as a basic, covered health service.

According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s position paper “Defining ‘Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services and Devices,’” the ACA requires insurance to routinely cover: Therapies that improve, maintain and prevent deterioration of function, including pain management.

• Therapies or treatments that enable people with developmental disabilities to attain functional abilities or reduce the deterioration of function over time.

• Outpatient rehabilitation services without an arbitrary cap on benefits that is unrelated to medical necessity, and maintenance services (to prevent deterioration), cognitive retraining, adaptive skills training and other services as determined by a physician to be reasonable and necessary.

• Durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, mobility equipment, supplies, and assistive and adaptive devices that improve or maintain function and do not include arbitrary limits on access to these devices and related services.

These changes are nothing short of revolutionary. Can you imagine what it will be like to provide OT under these less restrictive rules? I’d love to hear what you imagine doing, given such freedom!
Of course, the road to implementation of the ACA will continue to involve challenges and resistance, as have all social reforms. Each state will interpret the law independently, and there will no doubt be many voices on all sides of the issues. We can expect debates and legal challenges. It will behoove us and those we serve to keep up with events as they evolve, and to continue to advocate assertively when and where it counts.

sebekm commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:26 PM

What does the above have to do with pediatric dental care?

sebekm commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:38 PM

....i.e., pediatric dental care is one of ObamaCare's mandatory "essential health benefits" - it is NOT covered by the habilitation services provisions. Was your response a serious reply to my blog comments, or were you just trying to change the subject or obfuscate?

PoliticsNation commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:38 PM

Sebekm what are you doing up this late?

sebekm commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:44 PM

Talking to you.

sebekm commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 20:48 PM

Actually - I'm ALWAYS "up this late" - I just don't usually spend my time online in the night; in the dark (at least not on the computer as I am now). Creating blogs (and posting my typically voluminous, sanctimonious pontifications) is too difficult on a smartphone, so I usually confine my REAL keystroking to mid-day. Today is an exception. I got so cranked up with the above issue that I thought I'd take it out by pounding out another blog.

Glad you are here. Hope your holidays were great, and that you and your family will have a super 2014.

PoliticsNation commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 21:00 PM

Glad you are here too! Don't let Obamacare work you up before bed-it could lead to- Obamacare nightmare.

I pray that you and your family have a blessed 2014.

sebekm commented on Friday, Jan 31, 2014 at 21:06 PM

Thank you so much. You, too. I know you understand from our private communications that I appreciate you and your comments, even though in the blogs we tend to be on opposite ends of the topical spectrum. I suspect that except for the relatively few differences which get amplified here, we actually see eye-to-eye on a lot of things that really matter.

All the best to you and your family.

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