NDAA -freedom of speech OVER-Last Warning-
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I strongly suggest EVERY American read the current NDAA because for writing or saying ANYTHING "THEY" think is against the government you will be labeled a potential terrorist.
If your an investigative reporter or conduct investigative reporting, you will be labeled a terrorist.

The current bill fast tracked by congress and signed by our President will go in to effect soon, its a horror story, not fiction but fact.


Ive been warning, people think I'm crazy, READ IT.

Ive began to think I'm in the movie "Idiocracy" but oh well.

The NEXT thing will be a HUGE catastrophe that will usher in the coming of Martial law, you wont even think it was controlled but it is.

You will wake up one day unable to get to your money, bank accounts, travel will be restricted by Government forces, as will many other freedoms we now enjoy.

I am sad for our country, but what can I say "I told you so"?

Read the NDAA signed.

If you see the arrest of Americans soon claiming they were potential terrorist and you do nothing, your as guilty as the perpetrators.

It will all come AFTER the next BIG event. This is the last time I write to warn, even now we are at risk. Everyone is being watched, not science fiction, its FACT.

"ALL it takes for EVIL men to win is for GOOD men to stand by and DO NOTHING!"


I'm done, time to focus on family, Love God, LOVE my wife & son, and live life and enjoy it.

I hope you can do the same, I pray God is with you!

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icyman61 commented on Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 13:15 PM

If you see something wrong, fight against it, if you see something right, fight for it!

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