Just Like The Walls Of Jericho
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“The people got smart on ObamaCare,
ObamaCare, ObamaCare,
The people got smart on ObamaCare,
And the polls came a-tumbling down!”

Yes They Did. Not the walls of Jericho – but the President’s poll numbers, which continue to plummet in the wake of the people finding out the truth about his “signature legislation.”

In Quinnipiac University and NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll results just released, the American people are expressing their outrage over the ObamaCare train wreck. The Daily Mail Online reports the Quinnipiac results:

“Oh, Bam! President's approval rating plummets to 38 per cent overall, just 34 per cent on health care and 40 per cent on Iran

• Obama's support among young voters has disappeared, with 49 per cent now saying they disapprove of his job performance
• Hispanics' historic preference for the president shows signs of evaporating, with 43 per cent opposing him
• 52 per cent of the voting public now says Obama is not 'honest and trustworthy' and 51 per cent say he lacks 'strong leadership qualities'
• Americans who want Republicans to control both houses of Congress now outnumber those who fear one-party control”

Barack Obama is facing poll numbers that are now in the same territory as President George W. Bush's following Hurricane Katrina.

The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute released numbers on Tuesday showing that just 38 per cent of registered voters approve of the job Obama is doing as president, with a whopping 56 per cent saying they disapprove.

The president has lost his landslide electoral edge among young voters, too, with a negative 41–49 per cent rating among 18- to 29-year-old voters. His once formidable support among Hispanics has also evaporated: They now support him by an historically small 50–43 per cent margin.

Worse for Obama's fast-approaching legacy-building years, the public believes he is not 'honest and trustworthy,' by a 52–44 per cent score. A smaller majority, 51 per cent, said he lacks 'strong leadership qualities.'

Respondents said by a 41–38 per cent gap that they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives, the first time this year Democrats have had a losing posture in the Quinnipiac poll.

And 47 per cent of voters said they would like to see Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress. The GOP can achieve that outcome if it holds the House and picks up seven Senate seats in November 2014.

Fully half of independent voters – those aligned with neither the Democratic nor the Republican party – said they would back a Congress completely under Republican control. “

For the entire article, see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2521587/Oh-bam-Presidents-approval-rating-plummets-38-cent-overall-just-34-cent-health-care-40-cent-Iran.html

In NBC News/WSJ polling conducted December 4th – 8th, there is more of the same – reported by firstread.nbcnews.com:

“A year that began with President Barack Obama riding high after his re-election victory is ending with him in the biggest hole of his presidency.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that more Americans disapprove of the president's job performance than ever before; half say they’re either disappointed or dissatisfied with his presidency and 54 percent believe he’s facing a long-term setback.

Perhaps more significantly, Obama has seen a drop in key presidential attributes.

Just 28 percent give the president high grades for being able to achieve his goals (down 16 points from January); only 37 percent give him high marks for being honest and straightforward (down 5 points from June); and 44 percent give him high marks for being able to handle a crisis (down another 5 points since June).

“These are tough and sobering numbers for the president and his administration,” said Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

While the past year has presented Obama with several different challenges – the political targeting scandal inside the Internal Revenue Service, the leaking of National Security Agency information, the government shutdown in October – the main culprit for his current woes has been the troubled launch of his signature health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act.

Indeed, for the first time in the poll, a majority now views the health law as a bad idea instead of a good one.”

For the entire article, see: http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/10/21852127-nbcwsj-poll-obama-ends-year-on-low-note?lite

To be sure, both of the above quoted articles report poll results which reflect the country’s dissatisfaction with both parties in Congress - particularly the GOP. However, ObamaCare is the issue which dominates, and there is no mistaking where the people place the culpability on that one – and it ain’t on the GOP.

Now we know why the Democrats were so eager to launch the program on October 1, 2013 “come what may.” If these disastrous results would have hit closer to the November 2014 elections – say between March and July of next year - it might have resulted in a CLEAN SWEEP for the Republicans in the election. At least now the Democrats have a year to spin, spin, spin, and hope they can somehow obfuscate, change the subject, and minimize the damage.

But WE THE PEOPLE aren’t buying it – either now or (I predict) later. Further, I don’t believe there’s any way to put enough lipstick on this pig to bail the Democrats out. When your credibility is shot, you are in trouble – BIG TIME.

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