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FiveTypes of Republican Voters
Last comment by sebekm 4 months, 1 week ago.

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The Birther

We’ve all dealt with these. The ones that honestly believe President Obama somehow faked a birth announcement and two different forms of his birth certificate. Oh, and fooled every federal agency which conducts background checks on politicians. Even though this myth has been debunked countless times, no amount of facts deters their belief that President Obama is a Kenyan, not an American. They also seem to ignore the fact that his mother was an American, therefore making him an American. These are also the people who seem to believe being Muslim is an ethnicity instead of a religion.

Ironically, these are also some of the biggest supporters of Texas Senator Ted Cruz — someone who was undoubtedly born in Canada.

The “Constitutionalist” Who Hates Our Constitution

These are the people who essentially cling to three parts of our Constitution:

Freedom of religion (though they interpret this as the freedom to force their religion on others)
Second Amendment gun rights
Tenth Amendment states rights

And even within their rabid support for these three areas, they tend to completely warp them for their own personal beliefs. Freedom of religion really only means freedom of religion for their religion, no others. If you don’t wish to follow a religion – too bad. They want to interject religion into public policy and force it on you anyway.
With the Second Amendment, they completely ignore what life was like in the late-1700′s when armed militias were vital for the defense of our nation’s borders. And they almost always ignore the entire first part that talks about the Second Amendment being meant for a “well regulated militia.” To them, the term “well regulated” has no meaning in our Second Amendment.

Then the Tenth Amendment is almost always the argument used when conservative-controlled states seek to violate other parts of our Constitution. It was the argument made by pro-slavery advocates, the argument made against desegregation and it’s the argument being made against giving same-sex couples equal rights.

These are also the people who often talk about how much they love our Constitution, until it doesn’t support what they want — then they’re the first ones to talk about secession.

Real “patriotic” of them.


The ones who seem to only believe that life exists inside of a womb. Their only basis for being “pro-life” consists of an opposition to abortion (which is a Constitutionally-protected right as determined by our Supreme Court). Yet, once that child is born, they’re also the same people supporting politicians who cut programs that help poor children get food and health care — all while pushing for deep cuts to education spending as well.

These are also some of the biggest pro-death penalty people, which is quite ironic. Nothing quite like being “pro-life” while bragging about how often your state uses the death penalty.

Oh, and let’s not forget how quick they are to support sending our military to war, such as the war in Iraq where over 4,000 Americans died as well as tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Like I said, the only time they’re “pro-life” is when you’re talking about an unborn fetus. After it’s left the womb, “pro-life” goes right out the window.

Living on Government Assistance, While Judging Others Who Rely on Government Assistance

I always find it funny when I talk to someone who uses Medicare and lives off Social Security, then complains about how the government can’t do anything right and they don’t need the government in their lives.

You can go ahead and include the people who are on welfare, “because they’ve earned it,” while judging others who are on the same programs that they are as “lazy moochers” who need to get a job.

These are also the same people who fail to realize that public roads; Interstate Highways; public schools; traffic signals; our military; clean public water; safe food inspected by the FDA; the police department; the fire department and the FAA — all depend on the government.

You know, “socialism.”

The Republican Voter Who Blames Democrats for Problems Caused by Republicans

These are the people who believe President Obama has really added more to our national debt than every other president in United States history. They’re also the ones who deny President Clinton balanced the budget, or give the credit to the Republican Congress — even though that same Republican Congress destroyed our budget as soon as Bush got into office.

The Republican Voter Who Blames Democrats for Problems Caused by Republicans

These are the people who believe President Obama has really added more to our national debt than every other president in United States history. They’re also the ones who deny President Clinton balanced the budget, or give the credit to the Republican Congress — even though that same Republican Congress destroyed our budget as soon as Bush got into office.

hey’re also the ones who believe President Obama was in office when the Great Recession began. They also really believe our economy — despite adding 8 million jobs and having record-setting stock markets — has gotten worse under President Obama. You know, the guy who took over in January of 2009 when we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month.

When deficits are mentioned, they tag Obama with the massive deficit we saw in 2009 — that was actually passed in 2008 under George W. Bush.

When nothing gets done in Washington, they don’t blame the House Republicans who refuse to vote on bipartisan pieces of legislation sent from the Senate, or the Senate Republicans who have set records for the use of the filibuster to obstruct progress in the Senate. Nope — all the blame rests with President Obama and Democrats.

Who cares if Democrats control 2 of the 3 branches of government, Republicans should call all the shots, right?

These are also the people who seem to think elections don’t matter. Who cares if Obama was overwhelmingly re-elected by the American people? He should still do exactly what the minority in Washington wants him to do.

Then when Republicans refuse to compromise (“negotiating” is not asking for things that were deal breakers prior to negotiations, then complaining that the other side is unreasonable) it’s not Republicans who won’t compromise — it’s the Democrats.

I honestly could have listed many others, but I’ll go ahead and cut it off there.

But please, tell me I’m not alone here. Have you dealt with these kinds of Republican voters.

By Allen Clifton

Latest Activity: Dec 07, 2013 at 11:45 AM

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JimmyMack commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Nice Blog PN. But watch out, the Conservatives will say you are 'obfuscating' the TRUTH.

sebekm commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 13:38 PM

Part I:

Here's the reply - courtesy of townhall.com:

"5 Groups Of Obama Voters That Are Being Crushed By Democrats

1) Black Americans: Over the last few decades, no group has been more fiercely loyal to the Democrats than black Americans. Typically, the Democrats capture 90% of the black vote nationwide. However, it's worth asking what black Americans actually get out of that deal. Sure, if you're Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Touré, it's a pretty good gig, but how does the average black American benefit from voting for the Democrats? Affirmative Action? That program helps very few people and it also leads to many black Americans getting into a college that they wouldn't normally qualify for with their academic record. Some people might call that a plus, but as a practical matter, it causes an inordinate number of the brightest, most promising young black Americans to flunk out of college when they could have graduated had they gone to less challenging schools.

In return for that dubious bit of "help," the Democrats fight voucher programs that could get black students out of failing schools, laugh at black Americans who are Christian, pro-life and believe in God's definition of marriage and they do nothing of consequence to tackle the crime and drug problems that makes life so unbearable for many black Americans. The worst places in our country for black Americans to live are inevitably run by Democrats who've long since given up on improving the lives of their constituents.

Economically, black Americans are still suffering under the Democrats as well. The numbers are so bad that they're almost hard to believe. "In 2009, the average net worth for white households was $113,149 and $5,700 for black households” while the unemployment rate for black Americans is double the rate for whites. Black Americans deserve a lot better than that from the people who serve them in government.

2) Single Women: Did you know that Mitt Romney actually won married women 53-47 over Obama? However, Obama won single women in a landslide and that's not unusual. Single women tend to go heavily for the Democrats. The sad thing about that is Democrats pull it off by baiting a trap. They promise free birth control and abortion. They offer up welfare, food stamps and other programs that are designed to shoulder the financial load that a husband would in normal circumstances. Then they proceed to denigrate, demean and slime any conservative woman who opposes those things in the most vicious, nasty and grotesque manner possible.


sebekm commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 13:39 PM

Part II:

Because a single woman struggling to survive is likely to take any help she can get from the Democrats and will return the favor by voting for them. On the other hand, a woman who's successful, financially secure and married is much more likely to vote Republican. This is true across every race, religion and demographic group. This is why, for example, Democrats have engineered a system where in many cases, "the single mom is better off earning gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income and benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.” They don't WANT single women to be independent and financially secure because that would make them more likely to vote Republican.

No woman grows up wanting to stay permanently poor, single and dependent on the government for her survival, but for the Democrats to succeed, they need as many women as possible stuck in exactly that position.

3) Unions: Even though the union membership is a little more split, the union bosses have thrown their lot in with the Democrat Party. This has paid some dividends for them because undeniably, the Democrats are bending over backwards to appease the unions. However, there is a heavy price to be paid for being totally tied to one political party.

For one thing, union membership is death spiraling into oblivion. At one point, 34% of Americans were in a union, but now that number is down to "11.9 percent, the lowest rate in more than 70 years."

Furthermore, because of the staggering cost of some of the pension deals that unions have previously negotiated for their members, there are cities and states facing a choice between honoring their previous agreements with unions or going bankrupt. What that means is that like it or not, union members are about to start taking haircuts all across the country.

Since unions have allied themselves entirely with the Democrats, Republicans have every incentive to hurt the unions when they can, thwart any rule changes that would allow unions to grow and to try to cut as deeply as possible from the unions in any sort of bankruptcy deals. Sure, siding with the Democrats might maximize any gains that unions have already made, but it also almost guarantees their coming descent into oblivion.

sebekm commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 13:40 PM

Part III:

4) Young Americans: One of the best things about being young is that feeling of invulnerability that comes with it. You hear about all the terrible things that happen to other people, but you'll be the one that gets by with it, right?

Unfortunately, it's not working out like that for a lot of young Americans who made the mistake of trusting Barack Obama. It's bad enough that they have a jobless rate under Obama that's nearly double the national average, but he's running up the national credit card with an unsustainable level of debt that younger Americans are going to be asked to pay off.

If you're under 25, by the time you hit your prime earning years, you're likely to face bleak long term economic prospects because of our massive debt load along with the crushing taxes that will be required to pay for it. Worse yet, the entitlement programs so many Americans rely on are now in terrible danger because of the reckless spending the Democrats are insisting on. As Ann Coulter has frequently noted,

“I don’t know why Republicans keep saying we have to cut spending to save these entitlements for our grandchildren. We have to cut spending to save these entitlement programs for 45 year-olds. On our current spending rate, 45 year-olds will not receive any Medicare.”

Does that sound appealing? Struggling under a high tax burden to pay off debts that you didn't run up with much less of a safety net than the last few generations of Americans? That's what young Americans are heading towards and the saddest thing is, they're voting for it. It's not even a case where young Americans are going to be partying and then paying the price later. It's even worse because the Democrats are partying with their money and plan to stick them with the bill.

sebekm commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 13:43 PM

Part IV:

5) Hispanic Americans Although there are a few exceptions, Hispanic Americans have voted for the Democrats by a roughly 3-to-1 margin over the past few decades. What have Hispanic Americans gotten in return for that? Democrats block school choice initiatives that would allow Hispanic Americans to send their kids to better schools. They also create massive amounts of red tape that make it much harder for Hispanic small business owners to become successful. In fact, if you're a Hispanic American who wants a piece of the American Dream, you'd be hard pressed to come up with anything that the Democrats do for you other than their one supposed "trump card" -- they're in favor of illegal immigration.

The great irony of illegal immigration is that Hispanic Americans are economically hurt by illegal immigration much more than the average American because they're more likely to be going head-to-head in the same professions with people who often don't pay taxes, don't pay for health care and don't pay for car insurance. There are undoubtedly millions of Hispanic Americans who've followed every rule and done everything right who don't have jobs today because of illegal aliens. There are also millions of other Hispanic Americans who are taking home $3 or $4 less per hour than they otherwise would without illegal aliens driving down the cost of labor.

Furthermore, for all the complaints about illegal immigration, the dirty little secret is that some sort of compromise that allows illegal aliens to stay in the country as guest workers, but not citizens, would probably be very passable in Congress. The real reason that isn't happening is because it would allow Hispanic Americans to see how badly they're being hurt by people who aren't in the country legally. When you want to work, but can't feed your family because you don't have a job and you see a "guest worker" from a foreign country holding a position you desperately need, your attitude starts to change in a hurry. The Democrats understand that and secretly like the idea that illegal aliens make it harder on Hispanic Americans. After all, the more successful you become, the less you want the Democrats to do anything other than get out of your way."

sebekm commented on Sunday, Dec 08, 2013 at 13:44 PM

Part V:

The lead-in to this townhall.com response is the part I like best:

"Hollywood, the mainstream media and the public school system are all almost entirely controlled by people and groups friendly to the Democrat Party. Yet and still, even with that almost overwhelming advantage, Democrats can't do any better than a rough parity with the Republicans. If the tables were turned and the GOP controlled what you see on TV, in the news and what your kids are taught at school the same way the Democrats do, the Republican Party would win every presidential election and would permanently maintain unassailable majorities in Congress.

So, why aren't the Democrats running away with every election? Because selling Democrat policies is like Coca-Cola's marketing team trying to sell the public on rat spit in a bottle. Since they can't sell their product, they spend all their time convincing the public that the little Republican girls down the street selling lemonade probably spit in it when their mothers aren't looking. Sadly, this tactic works pretty well and a lot of Democrats end up voting for people who are ruining their lives."

See: http://townhall.com/columnists/johnha...

wayne44 commented on Monday, Dec 09, 2013 at 13:25 PM

Sebekem, I noticed that neither PN or Jimmy responded to your comments. I wonder why?

sebekm commented on Monday, Dec 09, 2013 at 13:56 PM

I guess they don't like me any more.

But seriously - I'm sure my continuously pounding home the negative points of ObamaCare tempers their enthusiasm to respond. But on that issue - both sides of the argument (here and throughout the country) believe they are correct, and the other side can't see the forest for the trees. But what can't be argued are the facts about what is happening to the economy of this country and to the household budgets of millions of families who just now are finding out that the "affordable health care" they USED to have is now gone - despite the Democrats assurances that it would NEVER happen. In fact, the Dems sold the program as being an improvement FOR EVERYBODY!

Nothing unites American voters more than an assault on their pocketbooks. And nothing angers them more than being lied to about something that hits as close to home as this issue does.

JimmyMack commented on Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013 at 18:32 PM

@wayne44: First it is all hot air partisanship. Secondly: the sheer volume of it reflects an obsession, and finally, you cannot argue with a fence post.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 at 13:48 PM

Thanks, Jimmy. It takes one to know one.

JimmyMack commented on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 at 17:06 PM

I have always said Sebe: 'that we are all bozos on the bus.' The ONLY one that denies that description of us is...
you guessed it; TOT.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 at 13:56 PM

Let's hope the bus keeps on running....

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