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The Rebulicans War On Veterans!
Last comment by sebekm 5 months ago.

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This Monday Republicans everywhere offered up empty expressions of gratitude and respect to commemorate Veterans Day while at the same time working to deny Veterans benefits from Capitol Hill. Veterans, often depend on these government programs, but it appears that for Republicans, gratitude for veterans does not extend beyond public relations matters to where it matters most, the law.

Over 900,000 veterans depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (federal food stamps).

But this doesn’t seem to matter in the latest House Republican version of the farm bill, which would slash funding for the food stamps program by nearly $40 billion and boot 2.8 million people off the program, eliminating food stamps eligibility for non-elderly jobless adults who can’t find work or an opening in a job training program. That includes 170,000 veterans, who would be removed through a provision in the bill that would the eliminate food stamps eligibility of non-elderly jobless adults who can’t find work or an opening in a job training program.

A prime example of this is the Veterans Employment and Training Services Agency. The VETSA is the agency charged with fulfilling the promise that the men and women who fight for us on the front lines should not also have to fight for a job when they return home. Yet under GOP obstructionism and the effects of sequestration measures, the Transition Assistance Program, which used to serve over 150,000 vets a year, was forced to leave thousands of transitioning veterans unserved.

The Jobs for Veterans State Grants Program has also experienced cuts translating to a reduction in the capacity to serve by tens of thousands fewer veterans in their efforts to find civilian employment. The National Veteran’s Training Institute and Homeless Veterans Reintegration Programs have also been reduced, further eroding the tailored services we provide for veterans, assuring the Republican promise of consistent job security for veterans is an empty one.

It’s no secret that the GOP has been behind attempts to reduce public housing subsidies, cut back on job search and career transition services, and in their latest attempt at implementing recently debunked austerity theory, the GOP is now trying to deny veterans access to food stamps with budget cuts.

For reasons ranging from War-related disabilities to post-traumatic stress disorder, war-weathered veterans can sometimes have a hard time securing civilian employment, resulting in an unemployment rate for recent veterans that hovers at about 10 percent, 3 points above the national unemployment rate.

Yet these facts are met with indifference by the GOP’s bottom line, and just this month, SNAP funding was cut by $5 billion as money for the program expired.

Seems to me Republicans should save their salutations, and demonstrate their gratitude towards veterans in a more substantial and lasting way, than a public show of deference masking deep hypocrisy.

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HMJC commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 16:26 PM

oh you mean like the obama administration?...

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 16:39 PM

Veterans know that all Democratic administrations have had a "war" on them since the 1970s. The Republicans are the only friends the military - and veterans - have had in my lifetime.

Democrats "loathe" the military and do everything possible to destroy its culture. Social experiments have no place in warfighting. The Dems have never learned this lesson and that is why they will NEVER get my - nor many other military and veteran's - support.

Funkentelecky commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 17:16 PM

PN, I suggest you stick to a topic that you have some personal experience in. Chief just laid out the facts to you and just because SNAP has been reduced for all doesn't change the real history of the war against veterans. HMJC, Chief and I have over 65 years of personal experience in regards to this topic. Will you believe or S.I.N.?

JimmyMack commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 17:20 PM

Well Sebe, of course that is incorrect. And though you are our MVB, I am not sure when you were appointed spokesman for the Veterans and the military. Is that a secret handshake sort of thing? Cuz I missed it.

Let's just PRETEND for now tho that you are right. You being a numbers man, just how much of a percentage is the 'military vote' in a national election? Enough to sway an election?

And do you honestly think Conservatives can sell the idea to the voting public that the POTUS is a wolf in sheeps clothing ready to devour our national defense and leave America vulnerable to the 'evil doers?' That is called paranoia.

It is going to take a very loud bang to wake you fellas up. And it is coming and you will not only hear it, but see it. The forthcoming GOP implosion will not rival the Big Bang...but it will come close.

I have now afforded you an opportunity to wake TOT from his nap before the explosion does it. He will take the disruption better, coming from you, than he will from the real thing.

JimmyMack commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 17:26 PM

PN can take care of herself. She is an intelligent erudite wordsmith of which her 'personal experience' runs deep.

PoliticsNation commented on Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013 at 17:26 PM

I also have experience in this area. I've worked with disabled veterans for 15years I spent my entire life living on military installations and I'm married to a disabled veteran. I've worked with Jack Kingston and I was guest commentator for WSAV on veteran issues. The truth is the Obama Administration has done more for veterans than the majority of our previous administrations. I will post his accomplishments in a few.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 at 19:46 PM

Jimmy: As a 26-year veteran I know how veterans think and I stay in touch with how they feel. I am speaking FACT. When a Democrat is President, he doesn't have your back when you are in the military, you have to WATCH YOUR BACK. My personal experience was with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. They did more damage to the U.S. military and our preparedness, morale and culture than if we had put someone from the Supreme Soviet in charge. I am NOT BS'ing. Funky knows because he's been there. So have I.

PN: Working with disabled veterans or being married to one isn't the same as wearing the suit and walking the walk. My wife is married to a veteran also, and she has no idea what the real deal is. You have to wear the suit and put up with the crap - day in and day out - over decades before you are qualified to offer a valid opinion on the state of the military. You have to watch how your men, your materiel and your equipment are managed to know whether your Commander-in-Chief has your back or if you need to watch your back.

When Carter and Clinton were president, the armed services were consistently screwed in these areas. President Obama will be judged after eight years on what he has done for the military and what he has done TO the military. The people I hear from - and from what I see in the news - he's just another Democrat who cares more about his legacy than about the soldiers. And the Democrat's penchant for using the military as a petri dish for social experimentation IS NOT appreciated by the rank and file military. It is a mission DISTRACTER - not a mission facilitator.

I understand your loyalty to President Obama, but wanting or wishing does not make it so. We are finding this out with ObamaCare.

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