Tea Party 42%; Obama 42%
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Even after everything that has been said and written in the media over the past several years about the "evil" Tea Party. Even after the Tea Party has been pilloried over and over and over again in the lamestream media and the Obama administration given a pass at every turn. Even after Ted Cruz’ ridiculous “filibuster” of recent days – the latest polls are now in. The results?


Yes – believe it or not – according to an online article at RassmussenReports.com:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 42% of likely U.S. Voters think the president’s views are closest to their own when it comes to the major issues facing the country. But just as many (42%) say their views come closest to those of the average Tea Party member instead. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

Some other “revelations” from the RasmussenReports.com article:

*“Even prior to the shutdown, voters who approve of the president’s job performance were slightly more likely to consider the Tea Party a bigger terrorist threat to the United States than radical Muslims.”

*”When it comes to the major issues facing the nation, 77% of Democrats say Obama’s views are closest to their own. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and 51% of unaffiliated voters identify more closely with the average member of the Tea Party.”

*”Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters in the president’s party say the views of the average member of Congress are closest to their own. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Republicans say the views of the average member of the Tea Party are closest to what they think. Unaffiliated voters are more likely to identify with the Tea Party, but 38% of these voters are undecided.”

…and finally:

*”Overwhelming majorities of Mainstream voters identify more with the average Tea Party member than with either the president or the average member of Congress.



*“Pluralities of the Political Class agree more with Obama and Congress.”



The Bottom Line: Think the Tea Party (or the GOP for that matter) are ”dead” – or even losing the political debate in this country?

Don’t bet on it.

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Sheran commented on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 at 17:47 PM

Seeing how I didn't get to add my 2¢ to that poll... Add me to the tea party!

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013 at 11:09 AM

It really is surprising - especially with the beating the Tea Party takes in the lamestream media. It shows that more and more of WE THE PEOPLE are not buying the media's propaganda and are beginning to see that the socialist way is not the best way. The ObamaCare implementation fiasco and the sticker shock/loss of health plans and doctors has BURIED the "Blame the GOP" campaign that the Dems have been pushing since the government shutdown. The 13% shutdown will be long forgotten as a significant number of people are still cursing the Dems for wrecking their health care arrangement by foisting ObamaCare on them. Remember - Obama only won the last election by a slim margin in the popular vote. My hunch is that four times as many as gave Obama the victory in 2012 will turn against the Dems in 2014 and 2016. For the Republicans, ObamaCare will be the gift (from the Dems) that keeps on giving at the ballot box.

Sheran commented on Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013 at 16:01 PM

I'm just waiting on the first hack attack!
Hope you didn't put your daughters ss# on the ACA website.


timeontarget commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 07:55 AM

Good blog. Thanks

sebekm commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Sheran: I did not. With all of the SNAFU going on, we waited to CALL BCBSGA to discuss the specifics. My daughter already has a health care plan with them, and was told in a letter a few weeks ago that the plan wouldn't exist under ObamaCare and that she had some new "choices" to make. None of them give her the insurance she had at the (low) rate she was paying. Whenever we tried to access the web site we couldn't, and even if we had gotten through we would have been very, VERY reluctant to input any personal information.

So now we're waiting some more for the BCBSGA "licensed agents"/ObamaCare navigators to get access to THEIR systems in order to get a quote on what my daughter's "choices" actually are. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and we have about another two weeks before she loses the opportunity to renew with a roughly "equivalent" plan designed by BCBSGA. Of course, this plan has HIGHER RATES.

So we're going to get screwed no matter what.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 12:22 PM

TOT: You're welcome. More news on the polling front. USATODAY.com reports:

"The president's approval rating hit a low of 42% in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, down 5 percentage points from earlier in October.

The poll found 51% disapprove of Obama's performance, tied for his all-time high."

See: http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval...

So it looks like the people are beginning to see the light. ObamaCare is undoubtedly one reason for the above numbers. And in news related to the ObamaCare fiasco comes this revelation from a Colorado "navigator" - reported by AL JAZEERA no less:

"Obamacare Navigator Hasn't Signed Up Anyone Because It's Too Expensive

"Thus far everybody has taken a look at the rates and they've walked out the door. There's sticker shock. They just can't afford it."

See: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/o...


JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 14:05 PM

What do them polls say about Congress' approval rating?

sebekm commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 15:32 PM

In the dumper. But WE THE PEOPLE can't (and won't) fire everybody. As I said in one of my earlier posts - most who want to "throw the bums out" are really saying "throw the other guy's bum out." But as we all know:

*The issue which is in focus now is ObamaCare.

*The issue which now is making a lot of people mad is ObamaCare.

*The Democrats are the party which OWNS ObamaCare.

*The Republicans/Tea Party are the ones who have been fighting AGAINST ObamaCare since its proposal back when.


The difference will come at election time from independents and so-called "swing voters." These are the people who aren't drinking anybody's Kool-Aid, and were persuaded to vote for Obama due to his charisma and his promise of change. What they have found out is that not only didn't we get "change," the status quo got WORSE with more corruption and cronyism, PLUS the country is now more racially divided than it has ever been. These are the people who are going to rise up and strike down those who they perceive are more at fault with the problems that are hitting them squarely in their pocketbooks and their household budgets. Remember, the President and many incumbents only won the popular vote by a few percentage points. I predict that enough independents/swing voters will be mad enough to keep the Republicans in control of the House, and perhaps even put them in control of the Senate.

That would REALLY make Mr. Obama's last two "lame duck" years the pits.

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 17:18 PM

Well we all can postulate what might happen in the coming elections. The ACA will be an issue, of course. But winning elections IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Who has it and who don't. Everything that I am reading and seeing points to a pull-out of contributors by Republican donors to the Tea Partiers. Big Business want a Business Friendly GOP. They do not seem to be warming up to the more Ideologically driven Tea Party. Business requires compromise. Tea Partiers do not compromise. That is not good business.

So, even with all the gerrymandering, if the T Partiers can no longer count on GOP dough, they will then become a footnote in History and Not the driving Force they see as their destiny.

Tea Partier Ted Cruz whose McCarthy like litmus test regarding just how conservative' are you does not totally play well with Non-Tea Party conservatives. Republicans want to win and are realizing that somebody besides Obama got to go. WE will see this in the forthcoming GOP civil war between the Tea Party and other Republicans who are not Tea Parties.

A Tea Party victory in this fight is unlikely. Money will end out determining the winner and right now Big Money Gop Contributers are behind the Establishment Conservatives.

sebekm commented on Friday, Nov 01, 2013 at 13:27 PM

"Well we all can postulate what might happen in the coming elections."

And we do and we will. This is the really important (and to me - surprising) poll result:


If this is really true - and if it stays this way for the next three years at least - don't be surprised if the Tea Party THRIVES. It is the "mainstream" voter that decides elections. Mr. Obama got enough of them to provide him with a narrow popular vote victory in 2012; his superior political operation enabled his solid electoral vote victory. But mainstreamers are NOT blind loyalists. They also are far less likely to put up with getting repeatedly burned by a political party whose primary goal is to hold onto power. In other words - these people frequently change their minds when they are confronted by the error of their previous ways (and votes).

sebekm commented on Friday, Nov 01, 2013 at 17:47 PM

....and this new Dem poll backs up the above:


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