Budget crisis- 634 million Obamacare website?
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Are you happy SERVING the government?

Being their slaves and no right to say anything about ludicrous spending while you suffer?

We need to write and call our REPRESENTATIVES, they close our parks, Commissaries, other things we need, yet their crazy spending continues!

You know the budget distraction-or rather the USA kicking the can further down the road continues, BUT WHY isn't the MEDIA saying ANYTHING about ludicrous spending on the obamacare website, which has tons of flaws?

How much you might ask, so far more than 634 MILLION, on a website.


The Designers of the site Teal Media originally gave a BID MUCH LOWER and won. Then they said they had problems after problems and instead of the bill going up by thousands like any normal site it was going up 20 million dollars at each road block, why?

Who approved this catastrophe?

Well the answer is obvious, Jessica Teal was the head designer for President Obama's campaign in 2008!


Shouldn't there be a law against such cronyism?

Why did he approve the runaway cost of the website?

Was it maybe a payback for her hard work in getting him elected?

We are having budget problems and they spend more than half a billion dollars on something NO ONE WANTS!

The company who designed the site doesnt even want people to know they did it, why?


Why isnt the MEDIA asking these questions?

Well maybe its because they broke the law creating the site, ignoring copyrights guess they think the government doesn't have to abide by same rules we do!


Wrong its time we as citizens started petitioning our congressmen and tell them we are tired of their tyranny!

Write Letters, we have to its your DUTY if you call yourself an American. If we break the laws, even the dumbest one they hold us accountable even if the law is unjust. We need to hold them accountable too!

We need to write and call our representatives NOW!

Or are you happy slaving away for those in government paying taxes or suffering through gvernment shutdowns that have no impact on them, just us.

Are you happy being their slaves?

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timeontarget commented on Sunday, Oct 20, 2013 at 19:18 PM

I appreciate this blog and hope to continue to see more of this honest and straight forward commentary regarding the TRAIN WRECK aka Obama Care.

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