Free Speech Gone-Martial Law coming
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My name is John Henson, Im a patriot, I love this country, and would have died for it, and you.

Im telling you this in case I am arrested for some bogus, fake, made up crime, I am doing nothing illegal or immoral, I abide by mans laws, and Gods laws, If I am arrested then you know its worse than you or I think, freedom of speech is gone.

It also took my almost 2 weeks to post this, the filter kept saying I was posting spam, I made a trip to coastal couriers office and asked them about and still wasn't able to post UNTIL I posted one word, then edited it to post this blog.

I have been telling people for over 3 years now the government is working its way towards martial law, now on Fox news a Seal is saying the same thing.

Our government is SLOWLY working its way towards martial law in a VERY sneaky, underhanded way. Slowly eroding our freedoms, starting with the TSA which has never caught a terrorist by the way. Going all the way to CBP agents along with DHS gespo tactics which I encountered first hand this year at the canadian border.

I arrived home to find I am being followed by DHS agents, DOD agents, for doing nothing more than telling people about the following, and that THE GOVERNMENT needs to follow the constitution, its to regulate the government, protect your rights.

My shed was broke into (without Breaking the locks) and all they stole was some training books I had from my time in Marines. At any rate you know what they are doing to me, look what is going on around us!

The NDAA was signed into law last year and it effectively eliminates your right to free speech and to peaceably assemble. The government can also indefinitely hold you too WITHOUT probable cause, so if they don't like what you say HERE they can come arrest you for posting or saying it in public!

In addition to eroding your rights, government camps have been setup all over the USA these camps are for holding prisoners, some call them FEMA camps, think all this is impossible?

Not in the USA, think again, its here now!

Is the next disaster the beginning of martial law, or will it be something manufactured by our own government I think so and so do many others including this seal on Fox news.

Fox took down the seals video not long after, why, didn't it fit their agenda?

People the camps are all over the place including here in Georgia, I'm counting on some of you WAKING UP and noticing things around you, I love this country, and would die for it.

The government is making plans to take away our rights, slowly, with one false flag after another, watch what they do, ASK questions of everyone ESPECIALLY what the MEDIA reports, if you think logically, and abstractly, without taking the scripted story as gospel, you will see they are lying, we need to petition our government with our grievances as the constitution tells us, if we dont start telling them what they are doing is wrong, you wont be able to soon!

Will they cut off food stamps to create panic, or wait for the next catastrophic event, whatever it is, they capitalize on every bad thing, and its not for our good any longer, its to take away rights.

I wont be their slave, will you?

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timeontarget commented on Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 at 08:15 AM

icyman61, Sir I personally am grateful to you for posting this blog.

Please continue as long as you can.

May God bless us and would that our elected people at all levels of government could and would see the error of their ways.

The two party lock on the primary elections is the root of the entire mess.

I'm glad I'm an old man I just might be fortunate enough to have the comfort of death before the very end.

The Democratic and Republican parties jointly share the blame and neither is worthy of loyalty from any citizen.

icyman61 commented on Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 at 08:23 AM

I'm going to go report my books stolen now, I choose to believe, even if I am wrong, that most people serving us in the military, DOD, DHS, Police departments have good intentions to protect us, and that MAYBE some of the ones WATCHING me have been told some erroneous story.

Or maybe some of my colorful past has been used to convince them I need to be watched for SOME REASON.

I figure that maybe after watching me they will see I am committing no crime and will tell their superiors, if not we are doomed.

icyman61 commented on Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 at 10:26 AM

The party system is now a farce as are some of the media channels SUPPOSEDLY reporting on them, its all a big SHOW. No one asks the real questions just merely the silly questions to keep the sheep placated. We were spoon fed months of the court cases of pretty murderous women to keep us away from the REAL NEWS, Bengazi, NDAA being passed, every single thing has been a distraction in past few months, heck we were A small step away from Nuke war with Korea then BAM new news to distract us from real NEWS!

icyman61 commented on Friday, Oct 18, 2013 at 00:54 AM

I wish I was just being paranoid, I have photos of several of them on my property and following me great thing about modern cameras easy to hide, but same is true for them.

If your in my neighborhood you can find several "hidden" network AP's very strong apparently broadcasting from the vicinity of my home. They have a broadcast strength of 89 dbi, 87 dbi, and 76 from where my router is, and my router only has a strangth of 67dbi. so those "HIDDEN" ap's are stronger.

What are they cameras perhaps?

I wonder if something is on your property is it considered hacking to get into it?

icyman61 commented on Friday, Oct 18, 2013 at 13:29 PM

No idea, but come over to my neiborhood Ill show you the hidden networks and signal strength, from inside my house and outside. I had papers stolen from my car, registration, etc, why? Some of it is just stupid and its been happening for years AFTER I started posting here about people need to follow laws, especially police, law enforcement agencies, DHS, etc. It sounds strange, but I have facts to back it up, who knows, maybe they will say I sold secrets to Chinese or something stupid!

icyman61 commented on Friday, Oct 18, 2013 at 13:30 PM

Oh and training books from when I was NCOIC in Marines.

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