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Welcome to the new SEC, ladies and gentlemen. The days of kicking a field goal and winning 6-3 in overtime are over. The days of defense wins championships and it all begins up front on the defensive line and we dare you to run on us have been replaced by he who has the ball last wins. For years the SEC has thumped its chest and dared anyone to question its ability to eliminate all hope with suffocating defense, doesn't it look more and more like the rest of college football with each passing week.
The rest of college football didn't have to find a way to catch the SEC after all. The SEC has -- like it or not -- fallen back to them.

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Tiger5 commented on Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013 at 09:59 AM

In the UGA/LSU game specifically, I think what we saw was two very capable offenses having their way with two inexperienced defenses. Both schools run a more traditional, multiple pro-style type offense than what has become the trend in football these days, but they are both very good with exceptional skill players and quarterbacks.

In the broader picture, all of these spread, hurry up offenses are still ahead of defenses for the most part. A reliable blue print has yet to be formulated to consistently slow down these attacks. Controlling the line of scrimmage does seem to be the most effective means, though. A good example is the 2011 NC game when Oregon could not stop Nick Fairley and the rest of Auburn’s D-line from disrupting their timing.

And yes, I do think that the rules at all levels favor the offense; partly because of safety and most certainly partly for the benefit of TV ratings and entertainment value.

SportsFan31313 commented on Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 at 13:26 PM

Greetings everybody, SportFan31313 is back. The problem with Georgia as I stated a while back is that Defense. For one, they are very young with a few veterans returning. The defense is weak, but the offense as always, have been very explosive. It is very hard to win games strictly on offense alone. I knew this would happen, when you get injured key players, your team will be at risk for getting defeated. Example: the game against Missouri. The Georgia defense was no where to be found. Aaron Murray is not immortal. He can't do it all by himself game after game after game. Now that lost just sent their National Title Dream to the dumpster. They still have a chance to clinch the SEC East. But if that defense does not get it going, the remainder of the season will be a very long and hurtful one.

Tiger5 commented on Monday, Oct 21, 2013 at 16:22 PM

Well after a loss to Vanderbilt, UGA finds themselves outside of the top 25, exactly where they belong. Obviously, it is hard to overcome losing the receivers and tailbacks they have lost. With the competitive balance in the SEC, losing Mitchell, Scott-Wesley, Bennett, Gurley, and Marshall is almost unbelievable, particularly with a Jekyll and Hyde O-line. However, perhaps beating Vandy under these circumstances would not be a stretch if they had ANY defense whatsoever. I admit I am usually an excuse maker when it comes to coaches. I’m a “players have to make plays” kind of guy. I realize UGA is young and inexperienced across the board defensively, especially on the back end. BUT, this was NOT the case last year. How many defenders wound up in the NFL?? UGA ranked near the bottom in most defensive categories last year. 3rd down, just like last year, continues to be a huge problem, as does positioning and tackling. And consequently, so does points allowed.

Is Grantham the right man for the job? It’s looking more and more like the answer is NO.

SportsFan31313 commented on Monday, Oct 21, 2013 at 19:18 PM

Grantham, is not cutting it, and neither is Bobo, Mark Richt was an offensive coordinator at Florida State and kn ow how to run an offense. Bobo has always in my opinion was not a good play caller. Richt need to begin calling the plays.
Yes that defense is horrible. they have an explosive offense, but with all of those key injured players, I don't see them going anywhere this season, I was hoping at a run for a National Championship Title, and it looked that way. But as you can clearly see it, they are done. Season is over for the Dawgs.

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