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I read an interesting article today where this man that home schools his children was protesting the need to pay the public school portion of his property taxes which totaled over $7000. Just the school portion of his property tax bill totaled over $7000. He paid the bill in $1 notes. Now, the article didn't go into the size of his home or its location other than a town in Pennsylvania, but $7000...for a resource that he didn't even use? That got me to thinking. I pay property taxes out of my mortgage escrow account and don't even look at the bill. My last child is now finished with the public school system. Tuition is being paid to Colleges. Why should I still need to pay into the public school system. Am I even doing that? I am sure that I and everyone else here is. Who here has really looked at the property bill other than to see if the amount due has dramatically risen? What does it say? Is there a way to opt out of paying portions of the property taxes if you don't use those resources? If I am paying public school taxes, will I need to pay them until I gone? Hmmm......

Here is a link to the article.

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timeontarget commented on Saturday, Sep 07, 2013 at 14:23 PM

School tax is a cost to society as a whole.

The high school tax burden on owners of property in Liberty County is the direct result of the burden on our school system to provide a place to school the military dependents.

The military for the most part don't pay much in the way of tax until their retirement years when they acquire homes and start paying property tax.

Federal Impact Aid does not begin to cover the cost.

golfnut31316 commented on Saturday, Sep 07, 2013 at 16:20 PM

I thought that the BOE raised the millage rate, maybe not.

I think our Board over spends.
Did we need a second football field in the county? Did we need to turn Olvey field around? Did we need a clock tower at the Performing Arts? Did we need to clear cut in front and sod the area in front of the Arts center? Did we need a clock tower and a new bus ramp at the Pre-k center? Do we need 5 assistant superintendents and all of their perks? Do the need to be second in Georgia for board members travel?
Anytime you go to a board meeting and mention funds and spending, you get feed, "That comes from a different pot of funds" Well No matter which pot it comes from, the pot gets filled from my only income. Can I chose which pot I would like to put it in?
I think our Board is irresponsible with out money.
Workers in the school system are being furloughed and positions are cut and not being filled, because there is no money. Then they turn around and make up new HIGH paying positions.

Page 11 is the assistant superintendent pay. Compare that to the first 8 or so, the teachers.

The BOE is too top heavy.

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