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Okay college football fans, NCAA College Football is back for the Fall 2013 season. My question to you is who do you predict to win the BCS National Championship this year? The pre season polls are out. and guess who is number one? That’s right. We have the Alabama Crimson Tide as number one. Half of the top ten schools ranked are from the SEC Conference. We shouldn’t be surprised now should we? I was actually expecting more than five being ranked in the top ten.

In my humble opinion, preseason polls are usually accurate, and critically important, if only because they mean we’re that much closer to the season. But there are a few points of interest in our look to see which teams the coaches believe deserve to be ranked: The SEC reigns supreme once again. The SEC has six teams in the initial poll, all ranked in the top 13 — while the Pac-12 and Big Ten each have five. The Big 12 is next with four ranked teams.

Ohio State went undefeated last year and its 2013 schedule is extremely favorable, but I expected it to be ranked a bit lower than No. 2 by the end of the regular season. Carlos Hyde’s suspension hurts the Buckeyes, and the status of Bradley Roby remains unknown in the wake of his misdemeanor battery charge.

In the SEC expectations are out there for Johnny Football, Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies. Being at No. 6, Texas A&M has its highest preseason ranking since 1995. But do we really believe that Johnny Manziel will repeat what he has done last year? With all of the hoopla and media attention he has been getting to include some negative publicity, being sent home early from Peyton Manning's camp, and minor brushes with the law? He probably can't handle the outside attention that he is getting.

One thing for sure, Alabama will remember what has taken place last year at Legion Field, and revenge is presented on a dish best served cold for the Aggies. You can also believe that the SEC will again dominate this year in the Polls, and if you don't know, you had better ask somebody.

Here are your top 25 Pre-Season Poll Rankings:

01. Alabama (58)
02. Ohio State (3)
03. Oregon
04. Stanford
05. Georgia
60. Texas A&M (1)
07. South Carolina
08. Clemson
09. Louisville
10. Florida
11. Notre Dame
12. Florida State
13. LSU
14. Oklahoma State
15. Texas
16. Oklahoma
17. Michigan
18. Nebraska
19. Boise State
20. TCU
21. UCLA
22. Northwestern
23. Wisconsin
24. USC
25. Oregon State

College Football Fans, buckle up, and hold on tight for another exciting season of NCAA College Football. The SEC Conference: The NFL Of NCAA College Football today. In NCAA Football, you have the SEC, and then everybody else.

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SportsFan31313 commented on Thursday, Aug 01, 2013 at 18:29 PM

You have that right. Hey Sebe,
Urban Meyer is hoping that the perinnial power of the SEC will beat up on each other so bad, that it will soften them up for his Buckeyes.
Hello? Not happening. LOL

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 12:12 PM

I read the article in ESPN I think. But it's not fact because there were teams that were not No. 2 in tbe preseason that had falken by the waste side by the end of the regular season. Case in point, I don't believe Ohio State will be there when it's all said and done. I would give Oregon a better chance than Ohio State. But Oregon is not the pre season No. 2 team in the Polls.

Alabama was the No.2 team in the pre season polls ladt year, and end up becoming the No.1 team in the country. I just dont believe that Ohio State will hold on to that No.2 spot for very long. But history have shown that OSU have dominated the Big Ten. Wisconsin is a contender in the Big Ten along with, Michigan State, and now under the radar, is Northwestern. But time will tell Sebe. So I will agree with you for now that in tbe Big Ten, it is Ohio State and tben everybody else.

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 12:15 PM

That were No. 2 Sebe that had fallen by tve waste side. Sorry about the typo.

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 12:18 PM

"....and "speaking of sports" - as Howard Cosell used to say - is there a worse team name than the "Pelicans?" Their uniforms were in the news yesterday:"

Somebody is trying to name a professional sports team the Pelicans. I think it!s the NBA that is trying to do that.

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 15:10 PM

That was the former Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan has gotten the Hornets name back and he is suppose to rename the Bobcats the Hornets.

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 20:17 PM

Yes, I heard after looking it up.

SportsFan31313 commented on Monday, Aug 05, 2013 at 16:13 PM

Hey Jimmy D,

Dawg Damned right they will. I have the Dawgs going undefeated in the regular season. I also have them winning the SEC East the SEC Championship and going to the National Championship and winning that as well. Bama is going to destroy Texas A&M this year on their own turf. Watch this Jimmy, if Bama meets Georgia this year in the SEC Championship game, Georgia will beat them this year. You heard it first from me.

SportsFan31313 commented on Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 at 12:23 PM


The Dawgs continue to reload as well. They just got another addition on to the team. The kid that had to sit out for three years for setroid use. The NCAA reinstated him last week and now he will join the team. Alabama has a good Quarterback, but Georgia has a great Quarterback in Aaron Murray who is enerting his final season with the Dawgs. You can expect for him to really show out this year.

LSU just reinstated their Runningback so they may be a contender in the SEC West. Texas A&M? Now that is a different story as the problems continue to pile up. Now you have Johnny Football Manziel is accused and is currently under investigation for accepting compensation for signed autographs. If this unfods and is sustained, then say bye bye to Johnny Football Manziel.

Georgia has the reutning of not just one dynamic runningback, but two dynamic runningbacks. The two are only into their second of elegibility. Georis is in my opinion, the team to try and beat. I don't see any team that will beat Georgia this year in the regular season. South Carolina traves to Georgia and play them between the hedges. Expect that Monster of an Offensive Line that Georgia has will keep Clowney out. Clowney wont cross the line of scrimmage.They are aslo without Runningback Marcus Lattimore who entered the draft this year. Georgia beats Steve Spurrier, and the South Carolina Gamecocks convincingly.
Florida? No comparision. The Dawgs will beat the Gators in good fashion this year in Jacksonville, Florida.

SportsFan31313 commented on Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 at 12:31 PM

Jimmy D,

Expect the Dawgs to have a undeeated season. The ONLY team that will contend with Georgia is South Carolina, and Alabama when Alabama meets Georgia this year in the SEC Championship this year. But it will be different this time.
Georgia wins. Expect Georgia to move up to the number two spot in the weeks to come. No way Stanford stay in the number four spot either, or Oregon remeining in the number three spot. Georgia will leap over Ohio State eventually. Expect Alabama being No.1 and Georgia being No.2 in the weeks to come. Or vice versa.

SportsFan31313 commented on Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 at 18:00 PM

Georgia Goes undefeated in the regular season, and will take the SEC East. Georgia Meets Alabama in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Dome. Georgia beats Alabama this year good fashion. That game belonged to Georgia last year had Richt had did a better job in controlling the game clock. But I understood his point. If he had Murray spike the ball, Saban could have sent in substitutions just as Georgia would have. Richt wanted to keep a very tired Alabama Defense on the field and drive the ball down their throats. It was working, but it was not enough time. Nevertheless; it was a stellar performance by the two teams. Saban was very worried, and scared that Georgia was going to score that last second touchdown on them winning the SEC Championship. This year will be different. No close game this year as Georgia will beat Alabama out right.
You heard it first from me. Georgia will win the SEC Championship game this year.

SportsFan31313 commented on Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 at 18:05 PM

I think #2 Ohio State will lose by week seven or sooner.

#3 Oregon lose by week nine or sooner.

#4 Stanford loses by week ten or sooner.

SportsFan31313 commented on Wednesday, Aug 07, 2013 at 11:05 AM


MikeLongCounty commented on Sunday, Aug 11, 2013 at 20:07 PM

I'll keep it simple...Go Dawgs!

SportsFan31313 commented on Monday, Aug 12, 2013 at 19:42 PM

Go Dawgs.. Sic Em!!!

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