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Rebulicans to radical to pass their own bill!!
Last comment by sebekm 11 months, 3 weeks ago.

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House Republican leaders were forced to pull an appropriations bill from the House floor Wednesday after yet another round of GOP infighting prevented the chamber from presenting a unified response to Senate Democrats’ spending plans.

Pew Research poll released Wednesday shows that the Republican party is currently in flux on a slew of major policy issues. Those exact same divisions were on display yesterday in Congress.

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sebekm commented on Thursday, Aug 01, 2013 at 18:20 PM

Yes - it is a mess. There will have to be compromise on both sides to get anything done. But the GOP has not been alone in their disarray. Since Mr. Obama has been President, the Dems have proposed one budget that has gotten through. In prior years, one Obama budget was defeated UNANIMOUSLY (not a single Dem vote for their own party leader's budget).

Personally, I think the sequestration has been a GREAT thing and I hope their disarray results in the government being shut down. Only when the people REALLY HOWL for action will the SOBs get it through their heads that they need to work together. Dems expect to get everything they want - or just concede some "token" meaningless issues. That's not how it works. And the President needs to be leading the charge in cutting deals. This president has refused to do that. The president - regardless of his party affiliation - needs to do more. Ronald Reagan succeeded with an "obstructionist" Dem opposition. Mr. Obama frequently compared himself to Reagan during his first term as President. If he really thinks he's like Reagan, he needs to read up on Reagan and start acting like him.

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