A Culture Of Corruption - Stronger Than Ever
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Back in 2006, then soon-to-be-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged that the Republicans were operating in a "Culture of Corruption." Back then, Ms. Pelosi promised to "drain the swamp" and "eradicate" that culture. Now - seven years later - and with the Democrats owning the White House and Senate (and having previously owned the House of Representatives for two years) the question is: Did she? Or more accurately: Did THEY (as in the Democrats)?

Apparently not. Corruption in the Democratic party these days is in full bloom - all across the country and at all levels of government - and it's not even Spring. As pointed out in her Washington Times article titled "Sex, money and lies: ‘Culture of Corruption’ boomerangs on Democrats as scandals blossom nationwide," Valerie Richardson gives us the tally:

*"One of Congress‘ most famous Democratic names, the scion of Jesse Jackson in Mr. Obama’s home city of Chicago, was just sent to prison for converting campaign funds to personal use." (Note: Just so he won't be lonely, Sandi Jackson - Jesse Jr.'s spouse - is also expected to serve jail time for being his cohort in crime.)

*"In Detroit, the ex-mayor and the wife of longtime House Judiciary Committee member (Dem.) John Conyers Jr. have fallen to corruption scandals, while the son of former Democratic Party Chairman Ron Brown admitted last month to bribery charges as a city councilman in the nation’s capital."

*"(Also)(g)rabbing the headlines just this month are the sexual escapades of former (Dem.) Rep. Anthony D. Weiner of New York and San Diego (Dem.) Mayor Bob Filner.

Mr. Weiner, who resigned in 2011 after admitting to sending explicit photos of himself to several women, is under pressure to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination for New York mayor after reports surfaced Tuesday of raunchy exchanges under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

Mr. Filner, who was a 10-term congressman, became mired in accusations of sexual harassment by former employees. On Tuesday, a former campaign consultant said he patted her on the bottom, and his former communications director recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him."

Rep. Charles B. Rangel, the veteran New York Democrat who was censured by the full House for a series of tax and ethics violations in 2010, brushed aside Mr. Weiner’s latest sexual scandal and its impact on the New York mayoral race."

*"Democratic one-party rule in city halls across the country also has led to overreach and scandal. Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing has trained another spotlight (on) the corruption that plagued the administration of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a Democrat who went to jail after being convicted of charges ranging from mail fraud to racketeering over his six-year term that ended in 2008.

In the District of Columbia, former (Dem.) D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown last month pleaded guilty to a public corruption charge for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in duffel bags and coffee cups while in office. He pleaded guilty after the chairman of the D.C. Council, (Dem.) Kwame R. Brown, resigned and pleaded guilty to bank fraud in June 2012. Former council member (Dem.) Harry Thomas Jr. resigned from the D.C. Council and pleaded guilty in January 2012 to stealing $350,000 in public funds intended for youth sports programs."

See: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jul/24/sex-money-and-lies-culture-of-corruption-boomerang/?page=all#pagebreak

And the list goes on and on. To be sure, "scandals" are not unique to one political party - now or throughout history. But in this case, these ethical and often CRIMINAL acts by members of the Democratic party are occuring against the backdrop of an administration which pledged to be the most "honest," "ethical," and "transparent" government this country had ever seen. Did they deliver on that pledge? Only a fool would answer "yes."

In her article, Valerie Richardson attributes most of the above to the "trappings of power," but they ALL can't be explained away that easily. Richardson amplifies:

"What sets the Democrats’ woes apart from those of the Republicans in 2006 is the gap between the party’s rhetoric and the “summer of scandal” that has marred the start of Mr. Obama’s second term. “Phony or not, the administration in recent months has had to deal with the IRS-tea party scandal; the questions surrounding the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi; clashes with the press over aggressive leak investigations and the seizing of press phone records; and the fallout from the leaking of widespread government surveillance and intelligence-gathering programs."

There also appears to be a breakdown of good order and discipline throughout governmental agencies under this administration. Recall not too long ago the various "scandals" involving the Secret Service and prostitutes, and the IRS and their lavish, money-wasting conferences. All of these occurrences are happening on the watch of this administration. Those in power set the tone; they are supposed to be the leaders who set the example.

But despite all of the above, Nanci Pelosi - true to form - has rejected suggestions that the Democrats, led by President Obama, are caught in their own culture of corruption.

“They make so much of these issues because this president is such a great president,” said Mrs. Pelosi, adding that “some of them are legitimate issues, but they should not dominate everything.”

SOME are "legitimate issues?" Wake up, Nancy, and smell what is blooming.

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JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 14:56 PM

Geeez Sebe! Is everything ok?!! You are scaring me. Seriously. I have never seen you discharge so much partisan venom towards either party. I know you hate the Chicago Democrat Machine, but you are starting to sound a little like....ME on one of my anti-conservative rants. This is like finding the captain drunk at the helm. I mean, you Sebe, are our diplomatic common sense peacekeeper of this Blog.

I can see your pi$$ed off!!! The emotion leaps up from the pages!

I am thinking of taking a 1mg. Xanax and lie down a bit. You want one? I got a jar full and will bring it over if you like.

Sincerely, your liberal Democrat pal,


PoliticsNation commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 15:01 PM

Sebe..Since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 elections they have done two things: Investigate “scandals” in the Obama Administration and pass bills to repeal Obamacare. None of their investigations uncovered a single scandal, and Obamacare is not repealed.As it turns out, the investigations of President Obama’s Administration might be a smoke screen to mask the real corruption in the Republican Party. In recent weeks, a number of actual cases of wrong doing by Republicans have come to light.

PoliticsNation commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 15:07 PM

Please, let me enlighten you.. Grab your popcorn and Soda...


JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 17:02 PM

Great job, again PN. The Republicans are headed into an electoral nose dive to oblivion. Their only issue is OBAMA
they do not appeal to Hispanics, blacks, or other minorities. Their Siamese joining at the hip of their cultural-social restrictive policies to their fiscal policies do not resonate with the ever changing landscape of the voting public.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 19:48 PM

Ha! Ha! Both of you are doing what you do best: you don't read comments and blogs that you predetermine you don't like. Why do I say this? BECAUSE:

*Note that all of these scandals are TRUE (as in I didn't make them up);

*For the most part - as in 75% of the basic blog post - I have quoted a writer who incorporated the list - and HER comments - in HER article.

*In other words - it's not MY "rant" - it's somebody else's! (I do happen to agree with her, as you might have noticed.)

*I have also provided my usual commentary, which I always do when the FACTS and events back up my contentions.

What would either of you have said if all of the people mentioned in this blog were REPUBLICANS instead of Democrats? C'mon - admit it - you would be howling about how filled with hate they are and how corrupt they are and how bad things are, etc., etc., etc.

Changing the subject (a.k.a obfuscation) doesn't work when the facts are put out there in the light of day.

I suggest both of YOU grab your popcorn and soda, because it ain't gonna get any better for the Dems until they keep their fingers out of the cookie jar and keep their peckers in their pockets. It would also help if they told the truth every now and then.

Funkentelecky commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 21:59 PM

Thank you Chief for an outstanding blog that is called journalism; putting out the facts for Americans can make an informed decision.

I want to also personally acknowledge you as my brother for the truth, right over wrong. When an individual doesn’t know or even recognize a fact compared to a talking point, an informed decision cannot be made especially when emotional baggage gets in the way of rule of law.

In the most recent CBS Poll, (Liberal) the economy is good for 37%, while the economy is bad for 61%.

Expand or keep Obamacare 36%, Repeal it 39%, and disapprove of it 54%

Americans who say it will help them 13% and Americans who say it will hurt them, 38%.

The needs of the many, out way the needs of the few, or the one!


JimmyMack commented on Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Lost in translation. I read every word in you blog, Sebe. I guess I was reacting to the sheer virulence to which you lent a platform. So I say NO! No! to your two Ha! Ha's! And I in turn, raise you one Hillary.

sebekm commented on Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Thank YOU, Funky - for your comments and for the poll results. (Thanks to Jimmy and PolNat for the dialogue as well.)

All of the Dem wrongdoing reported in my basic blog post are FACT - and any "sheer virulence" should be attributed to the WRONGDOERS. It is their misconduct - criminal and ethical - which gives rise to the "culture of corruption" that hypocrites in the Democratic party scorned when they were targeting the GOP - but ignore/give a pass for when IT IS THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

JimmyMack commented on Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 18:29 PM

thanks for the advice Sebe. I do not usually post political 'virulence' from other sources than myself. I might steal a word or two from James Carville, or Leonard Pitts from time to time. But for the most part I try to come up with my own word bombs to drop.

What did you think about PN's postings on Republican Scandals? Knowing your skills at research I personally would love to see you post some of that "sheer virulence" coming from the other side from time to time.

Cuz you still is an independent are you not?

Sincerely, your liberal Democratic pal,


sebekm commented on Saturday, Jul 27, 2013 at 14:47 PM

Republican scandals are Republican scandals. When they are running the White House and the Senate, then talk to me. But the Republicans are NOT the administration in power right now. They are NOT the admistration who pledged to run the most "honest," "ethical" and "transparent" government in the history of this nation. The point of this blog - obviously - is to demonstrate that once again they have failed to live up to even the standards they set for themselves!

When somebody runs a blog on Republican scandals - ostensibly when they control the White House and the Senate - and AFTER they pledge to be the most "honest," "ethical" and "transparent" government this country has ever seen - and IF they don't keep that pledge - then I'll comment on those.

But when we have the Democrats continuing their hypocrisy against the backdrop of a plethora of criminal convictions, resignations, and old-fashioned "scandals," then they get to take their turn in MY cross-hairs. (After all, you can't be the only one around here who feeds on "road-kill," right?)

JimmyMack commented on Saturday, Jul 27, 2013 at 16:17 PM

Well Sebe, you have put me in blog checkmate!! I don't see the Republicans achieving the oval office anytime soon which means no "road-kill" comments from you regarding them.

Now if you would kindly lower your crosshairs and say ... maybe...consider some Republican Congressmen and\or Senators to shoot at, then you could display some marksmanship. Granted they ain't Big Game like the POTUS, but if you bag 'nuff of 'em it might it just might prove satisfying to ya.

sebekm commented on Sunday, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Republicans have just as many dirtbags, but they aren't the ones who own the White House and pledging to be holier than the rest of them. That's my only point here. Once again they fail to meet even the standards they set for themselves.

Anthony Weiner has found a perfect home in the Democratic party. And the proof is how he is being received by a large segment of voters in New York and the American people: they're cheering for him!

The government - along with the family, education system, and even the media (yes - the media, too) - has to contribute to some moral compass in order for a society to remain healthy and prosper. The Democrats now own most of the national government - and they are letting all of us down with their failure of leadership (this time, it's the "Culture of Corruption" - per Nancy Pelosi).

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:52 PM

...and here's what happens when an intern tells the truth and exposes the activities in a Democratic party political campaign:


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