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Why Minorities Have to Vote in 2014
Last comment by sebekm 1 year ago.

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Are you one of the many strange creatures I've heard of that has never voted? Have you been deceived into believing that your vote doesn't count? Well, it does. Did you know the best way to control a person does not involve force? Discouragement will keep a person from ever trying to do better, despite the fact that they know better. It takes a lot less energy to keep you from trying to vote than it does to stop you by force, doesn't it? Take the shackles of your mind and let your voice be heard.

If you have ever complained about the current state of affairs in this country (Travon Martin Verdict, Health Care, Education or Tax ) then by all means, either vote or shut up! The time to speak is at the polls. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

If you're a parent, then this is more of an issue of privilege for you. It's an absolute obligation. A good parent leaves an inheritance for their children. What will your choices pass down?

Voting is a privilege that was hard to come by. It was many years that women and minorities could not let their voices be heard in the political arena. People were brutalized and murdered so that you and I can have the luxury of going to the polls to vote, free of charge and without anyone standing in our way. Come to think of it, we don't even have to physically be there. Have you ever heard of the term, "absentee"? The state of affairs is out of control in this country.

Here's the take-home message: we need change, and we need it yesterday.

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sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 10:53 AM

"...we need change, and we need it yesterday."

Yes we do. Not only "minorities" need to get out and vote, but ALL eligible voters. I would add that if you didn't like the results of the last national election, CHANGE is in your hands. Make your voice heard at the ballot box.


mountain commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 15:17 PM

Every election all we hear is, We Need Change. I thought when Obama was elected that was the big change everyone was talking about.
I guess we need to change back next election.

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 16:40 PM

Well...ya ain't a gonna like this fellas, but this is the way it's gonna play out with one BIG IF.

Hillary will be the Democratic Nominee as long as she is healthy. The Republican Party is absolutely going to implode!! Thanks to it's intransigent TEa Party members. Their Convention will be brokered with the Back Room Republican muscle finally setting the ticket.

It will not matter who is on the Ticket. The Clinton Juggernaut will roll over whatever the splintered Republicans offer up.

The Party Of NO will lose the majority vote of Americans as they have so done by losing the last 5 out of 6 at the national level. Remember Al beat W. via the popular vote tho George stole the electoral vote.

Now: The BIG IF: The Economy and in particular the Stock market. With billionares dumping their stocks as we speak, there is going to be a humongous correction in the stock market. Maybe falling from the 14's down to the

JimmyMack commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 16:46 PM

7's or 8's. There will be plenty of blame to go around, but the average American is going to get hurt. Especially the middle class. The Wealthy will walk while gas soars to $8 or more a gallon. IN short, Economic Depression; not recession, will come into play for several years with unemployment approaching 20%.

As I said: if this happens there will be many to blame and not just one.

sebekm commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 19:53 PM

Hillary better hire better people than Mrs. Weiner if she gets in. Now it looks like she is following in her husband's footsteps by "double-dipping" (but not in the same way) - triggering her own investigation (and another Dem "scandal):


PoliticsNation commented on Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 at 21:57 PM

@Seb...you are the National Enquirer of politics. Lol...

SportsFan31313 commented on Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 00:48 AM

I think my friend Funk maybe leafing this charge lately refrrenced Trayvon Martin with Tabloid News. lol

sebekm commented on Friday, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:47 AM

PolNat: Enquiring minds want to know - no? But I can't take credit for "being" the NatEnq - I only report what others have already reported. Consequently, I do not take any credit whatsoever for making any stuff up. Now - if OTHERS that I point to have fabricated the story - I can't control that.

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