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I recently saw an article that discusses current happenings in the movement to make American military combat positions gender-neutral, and I thought I'd share it here. The article is posted at Here it is in its entirety:

"Female Marines Fail Infantry Officer Course

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
April 3, 2013 10:28 am

The only two women to participate in the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course (IOC) failed ongoing tests to determine which infantry positions should be available to women, according to the Marine Corps Times:

"The women failed the introductory Combat Endurance Test, a punishing test of physical strength and endurance, officials at Marine Corps headquarters said Tuesday. The latest class began March 28 at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., with 110 lieutenants participating. Ninety-six men passed the initial endurance test. Twelve men and two women — the only female Marines taking part — failed."

The two women both volunteered to participate in the IOC. Two other women had previously volunteered in September but also failed.

The Times also noted:

"The Marine Corps’ commandant, Gen. Jim Amos, said he’s aware of concerns from infantrymen, and wants to ensure standards are not lowered because of the policy change. In a letter distributed to his general officers the same day the Pentagon announced the policy change, Amos said the plan that he and the other joint chiefs developed calls for a three-year research period before the top officers in the Corps and Army make recommendations to civilian leaders in 2016. He stressed that no decisions have been made, including in the infantry, recon and spec-ops communities."


When this issue exploded into the news a few months ago, I was concerned that the result might be a lowering of standards by our armed forces in order to facilitate a politcally-correct "feminization" of combat positions. For me, it is good to see that at least the Marines - for now - have NOT lowered their standards.

Semper Fi!

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up2sumptin commented on Friday, Apr 05, 2013 at 13:59 PM

Yes they failed. Most women will. But there are women who can pass and if they desire, they should be allowed to try and succeed. I agree with the commander though, the standards should not be lowered.

JimmyMack commented on Friday, Apr 05, 2013 at 14:01 PM

My ex-wife must not have tried out for the tests.

sebekm commented on Friday, Apr 05, 2013 at 15:02 PM

IMHO - if they don't lower their standards, it will be more than "most women" who fail: very few - if any - will EVER pass.

But I agree, let them try--but DO NOT CAPITULATE to whining, PC, or feminist group pressure for lowered standards to allow for "adequate representation." It's that type of thinking that gets men (and women) killed.

Funkentelecky commented on Friday, Apr 05, 2013 at 17:05 PM

Great post Chief and I agree with you and Up2!

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