The Second Amendment and Slavery
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In a "University of California at Davis Law Review" article entitled "The Hidden History of the Second Amendment, Carl T. Bogus, Associate Professor, Roger Williams University School of Law,argues "The Second Amendment was not enacted to provide a check on government tyranny; rather, it was written to assure the Southern states that Congress would not undermine the slave system by using its newly acquired constitutional authority over the militia to disarm the state militia and thereby destroy the South's principal instrument of slave control. In effect, the Second Amendment supplemented the slavery compromise made at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and obliquely codified in other constitutional provisions."

Recently, Thomm Hartmann wrote an article for Alternet explaining how the Second Amendment was considered by representatives of slave-holding states in terms of preventing the Federal government's taking slave property away from slaveholders and also in terms of preventing slave insurrection. His article draws heavily on Bogus' article. He also has a video. Here are links to both:



Anyone interested should read Hartmann's article,as a kind of synopsis, watch the video and read Bogus' paper. There is much more to this history than the popular media and the NRA suggest, as Bogus writes "...the Second Amendment lives two lives: one in the law and the other in politics, public policy, and popular culture. The hidden history has ramifications in the second realm as well. The Second Amendment takes on an entirely different complexion when instead of being symbolized by a musket in the hands of the minuteman, it is associated with a musket in the hands of the slave holder"

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