Will they come to an agreement?
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Hi All, planned on joining yall, had a sickness and death in my family. So... gonna try to participate now.

I must say I'm so glad the election is over, but what is changing??

I have in the last day or so read over the posts here. I have seen that The President has failed to reach across the isle to work with the right. OK. This is a congress that is set to become the worst do nothing congress since the 1940's for, well their doing nothing. Blocking they are good at, other than that, not good for much of anything else. Yet it is the President at fault. OK.

The President called out to the people yesterday, asking that we speak our mind and reach out to the Senators that we do not want to be taxed, we cannot afford to be taxed. To do the right thing. Tax those who can afford to have it done.

Polls show that this is the preference of the people. It is what has been, by some smart people, shown to be the thing that is going to get us out of this mess. And history doesn't lie. These tax cuts do not work. We have had these cuts in place for 11 years. Worked?? doesn't look like it huh.

So what is the GOP thinking?? Boehner needs to get a clue. Quit being a jerk, and get this thing done. His rich friends will survive on a little less.

In fact, there are many millionaires who have come foward saying "tax me" please. Trying to convince Congress to do the right thing. They don't care. They care about one thing, taking care of them and their own kind.

Time is ticking. If we fall off the fiscal cliff, it means about $2000 on us.

So anyway, this is so crazy... as usual.

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Tiger5 commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 08:47 AM

Unless there is compromise on cutting spending, you can rest assured the House will not agree on taxing the rich (or anybody else) even more than they already are.

HMJC commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:42 PM

At least we know what to look forward to for the next four years; nothing! And for the record, they are all to blame, obama included.

Funkentelecky commented on Saturday, Dec 01, 2012 at 20:49 PM

BHO needs to lead instead campaigning and community organizing. The do nothing Senate misled by Harry Reid hasn’t passed a budget since April 2009 and the President hasn’t said anything about it. BHO 2012 Budget was rejected by the US Senate 97-0 and his 2013 Budget was rejected by the House 414-0.

Can you believe this revelation, CNN putting out the facts and telling the truth?


This country doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem with entitlements, food stamps and unemployment insurance given to citizens for two years. Leviathan is too big and we all will suffer because of it.

Roxann, what about the citizens that make over $250.000 and less than $1,000,000 that are small business owners that create jobs in America. The Feds will receive about 71-86 Billion of revenue per year which it spends in 8 days which won’t make a difference at all in deficit reduction unless you drastically cut spending first with a balanced budget amendment. BHO hasn’t reached across the aisle and I don’t expect him to do it now either because who will he be accountable to?

Roxann, since you said this in your blog, In fact, there are many millionaires who have come foward saying "tax me" please.

Name 5 Millionaires that said this?

Roxann commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 07:45 AM

He is doing the right trying to get the people to ask them to Tax the rich.

How have those tax cuts we have had in place for them worked out for the economy??

If we don't have a revenue problem, which you said. Are you saying that the only thing we need is to cut spending drastically? then what does it matter who we tax???

We have both a spending problem AND a revenue problem. Increased spending and cut taxes would do that.

The entitlement problem (that Republicans hate), most go to the elderly and the working poor. People who work for "job creators" that pay their employee's so little they have to get entitlements to put food on the table or have insurance, while the employers live like kings. We pay for their employee's benefits. nice.

The Republicans want give the wealthy the breaks, then you would have to severely scale back social safety-net programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security which would disproportionately impact the poor and the elderly.

Is this fair to you??? I know there have to be spending cuts, but we cannot have the wealthiest people living like kings and our poor (and middle class)left behind.

And if the compromise involves hurting our elderly or poor, you can rest assured The President or Dems will not agree on it.

What about all those small business owners that would be affected.

CNN's "truth". Yes I can believe it, when it's by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin

2011 Budget, there is The Budget Control Act was passed.
2012 several of Ryans shot down too.
2013 Budget
game playing, pushed retaliatory votes. A mess both sides.

5?? ok. Billionaires
Bill Gates
Liliane Bettencourt
Mark Zuckerberg
Ted Turner
Tom Steyer

there are way more..and all the stupid Liberal Celeb's, Producers, Authors ect.

You want to meet 200 more??

I guess Fox only shows the one's throwing fits and firing people to get their way.

Wealthy have petitioned for years, even asking not to extend the tax cuts. But he did reach across the aisle didn't he? Did it help? no

Did you think I couldn't name them? I wouldn't have put it if I couldn't have. OK?

I'm not saying he is perfect noone is.

Y'all can say he hasn't reached across the aisle as many times as you want. That congress has blocked so much. I could post a list but everyone knows they have blocked or tried very important Bills.

Most important thing we want to achieve...to be a one-term president. Not fixing this nation, that.

So I do not expect THEM to do anything different. I hope they do. If not maybe Republicans can get someone in there they don't hate (who's not Muslim, hates America, has mind control powers to use against us and other absolutely nuts theories lol) then maybe things will get done.
JMHO, Roxann

gacpl commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 12:38 PM

it's funny to hear you talk about civil rights with the gop being the bad guy. the gop fought for civil rights while the dems fought against it. learn what you are talking about before posting. you only show your true ignorance when you don't.

Funkentelecky commented on Sunday, Dec 09, 2012 at 13:12 PM

Thanks Roxann, for answering my question with outstanding results!

Can you name 1 Small Business owner that earns 250T to 1M that wants their taxes raised?

President Obama is a tax and spend BIG Government Progressive Liberal and he is salivating right now because taxes are going up for sure in 2013 and that is exactly what he wants more revenue for wasteful government spending.

I say let’s do it so the middle class can feel the pain and hopefully wake up and smell the coffee and realize Obama and the Democrats don’t care about reducing Trillion dollar deficits.

Here is the proposal John Boehner gave the Whitehouse in regards to more revenue for the Feds:


As you can see the President said this is doable in 2011, and in 2012 he’s saying the math doesn’t add up.

Roxann, reducing tax rates does work between 2002 and 2007 the GWB administration produced a record 52 straight months of job creation and then America turned over the purse strings to the Democrats on January 3, 2007 with 3.5% a quarter GDP and 4.6% unemployment rate. These Democrats were in Charge until January 2011. The little progress we have seen in the last two years is because of the 112th Congress ability to counteract Obama and the Democrats failed policies: Obama has doubled down on what Bush did wrong and reversed what he did right.

Here’s an example of Obama doubling down on what was bad about Bush. He has added over 5T in less than 4 years with almost nothing to show for it other than each man, women and child owes over $50 thousand now:


And here are the Bush facts, after a recession and 9/11 the economy was booming until the 110th Congress led By Nancy Pelosi took over for 4 years and was a significant driving force in leading the country over the fiscal cliff.


Here is Charlie Gibson educating Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton on what happens when you lower tax rates. Obama’s response is ridiculous as it should be since he never had to meet a payroll before becoming President and it is self evident in real time right now!


The economy is bad, why not lower them more and increase revenue to the Feds through private sector Growth and Investments!

Here is Herman Cain, who has extensive experience in business explain how to create jobs through growth. President Obama would do well by putting him in a cabinet role in economics!


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