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I’m addressing the following remarks to every reader whose online handle is NOT Murrelet. You all know me – or at least you know my real name and the online “persona” I project. You may not agree with what I say, and you may not like the way I say it. But – unlike Murrelet - there are a number of things I’ve never done on this site in responding to a comment made by you. I’ve never:

• Attacked your intelligence level in a blog post.
• Attacked your educational level in a blog post.
• Insulted your manhood in a blog post.
• Insulted your womanhood in a blog post.
• Called you an “idiot,” “fool,” “clown,” “stupid,” “dumb,” “ignorant,” “nazi,” “cow,” “racist,” “sexist,” “misogynist,” and a host of other negative/derogatory terms that are clearly abusive and libelous in a blog post.
• Insulted your ancestry, to include making derogatory references about your mother or your father.
• Suggested it would have been better if you had never been born.

I could fill several pages with a slew of other examples along these same lines, but for brevity I’ll spare you the rest. If you’re a regular blogger here, you are very familiar with the litany. If you want, you can check out the other hundreds (if not thousands) of negative comments and derogatory labeling on your own. Just access Murrelet’s profile page and view the “Comments” going way back when. They are all there for the world to see. Even those which have been deleted from the blog strings remain “on the record” in this portion of the site.

In recent months, other web sites with forums like this have started to get a handle on this type of abusive behavior. Many are requiring Facebook or other social media log-in to post blogs/comments, which includes real name usage and the potential traceability of comments (although there remains the possibility of fraudulent accounts). Most forums which are not “echo chambers” of the right or the left do not tolerate the kind of comments that Murrelet has made and continues to make. Once or twice and you’re out. My understanding is that these changes were precipitated by the users reporting the abusers. It should be no different here.

Which brings me to where we are. Just about everybody who posts here has been a target of Murrelet’s derogatory commentary at one time or another. And Murrelet is basically the only one who routinely violates the site rules with abusive, derogatory references and name-calling. The only way it will be stopped is if you don’t put up with it. Don’t let Murrelet bully or dissuade you from doing what you should when you are a target: REPORT IT –using the “report abuse” feature on the site. At this point – after literally years of Murrelet’s abuse – those who overlook the comments and give Murrelet a pass are just enablers.

There’s a lot of talk in these blogs about people being frustrated that they aren’t able to get things done in areas that affect their lives. This is one area where you–the blogger–have direct control. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair. Those who are anonymous bloggers can retain their anonymity. The webmaster of this site has assured me he is monitoring the situation, but he has other duties/responsibilities that don’t permit minute-by-minute scrutiny. If you really want action-if you don’t want to continue to be a target-don’t enable the situation expecting that things will change on their own. Those who have been regular posters here for years know that doesn’t happen.

Make a difference. Be part of the solution. It’s up to you.

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Sheran commented on Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 at 17:27 PM

Great blog, sebekm! I know "MULE" singled me out on Gypsys blog.I really don't think she has alife. Thank the good lord the rest us do!

up2sumptin commented on Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 at 19:31 PM

I am not really fond of blogs calling out other bloggers. It seems over kill. Murr, or anyone else, has a right to post what he/she wants as long as it doesn't violate the TOS. We have a right to ignore or not respond when a poster is being "inappropriate". Murr is not the only one to inflame or name call. She is just more "in your face" about it. I say let the webmaster do his job. I am not comfortable on this gang up on someone approach.

timeontarget commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 05:28 AM

I think that if this site is ever going to blossom it needs to tolerate less childish explosions from some of us.

I know I have "crossed swords" with several of you on a variety of different matters.

I hope I have never crossed the line and I hope I'm never incited to do so.

I don't think I have thus far although I have been tempted to do exactly that.

Anonymous bloggers seem to take more Liberty with their loose lips and therefore diminish the character of the "blog".

We just all need to try and have good manners and show respect to all who participate here.

Iknowyou commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 07:40 AM

I'm guilty of name calling only after I was attacked first.
I learned to ignore and not read post from certain people.

Roxann commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 11:11 AM

Just an observation as I have read through some of these blogs. Up2sumptin is so right, most of yall are guilty of hatefulness. Sheran is calling her a name on this very blog. And its not the only name calling I've seen. She can be rough I can see that, but there is a lot of attacking on here, not from everybody but not just from her either. JMHO

PoliticsNation commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 17:38 PM

Even-though most of us didn't agree on the race for the White House...I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post or disregard anyone's feelings. If I did, I apologize.

Sheran commented on Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 at 21:31 PM

Yes Roxann, I called Murrelet "Mule". I thought that was better than "jacka$$". I don't want to see "Mule" get kicked out of here completely, there's no fun in that! "Mule" just needs to stop attacking everyone that as a different opinion than hers.

gacpl commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 09:22 AM

i think she should have been cut from here a long time ago, she adds nothing to the discussions. if you don't agree with her she either calls you names or copys and pastes the same smart #$% response over and over.

here's just a few recent ones.

When you become fully literate, please let me know. Perhaps then we can talk.

Well we already know YOU'RE a hopeless tool,

Sebekm just gets brown-shirtier with every passing day. Pathetic (nazi referance)

I think your racism was the motivation behind your post. There is no reasoning with racists, thus I have nothing further to say to you about this or, really, anything else

i have complained every time she starts, if others will then a change might be made.

Roxann commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 09:22 AM

No problem Sheran. Again, I'm just saying I see a lot of attacking and not just from her.

sebekm commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:17 PM

IMHO - everyone has made great points. I'll just beat the dead horse one more time, and then I'll try to shut up about it:

Let's be clear about the issue here. There are two basically opposite viewpoints in play. One side of the argument (mine) is that the site rules/terms and conditions of use have been established to maintain order and to afford everyone the opportunity to present and debate their ideas without being subjected to bullying and verbal abuse. The other side says the rules are meaningless and that they should be able to say anything to anybody – regardless of whether their comments violate the site rules/terms; regardless of whether they actually contribute to any discussion; regardless of whether their comments actually have any basis in fact; and regardless of how nasty, vicious, mean and spiteful those comments might be. AND they want to do this with impunity while actually daring the site authority to do anything about it.

I am all for diversity of opinion. What I am AGAINST is diversity of bullying, abuse, and sliming. The bottom line is that there are established rules in place that everybody is supposed to observe in order to be allowed to participate on this site. If there are rules, they should apply to EVERYONE – not just those who choose to observe them.

JimmyMack commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Sebe: Great job articulating the reaction to the oncoming property taxes in todays Coastal Courier.

Everyone should read Sebe's comments on the front page of the Courier.

sebekm commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 16:45 PM

Thanks, Jimmy. I provided some additional comments to Ms. Hipps - same subject - which may show up in a future edition of the paper.

(BTW: I always thought it would never be a good thing to have your name appear "above the fold" on the front page of a newspaper. I guess only time will tell if I was correct.)

timeontarget commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 17:03 PM

Jimmy Mack please respond to sebekm's post just above Nov 30, 12:17.

Not trying to pick at a scab, just trying to gain some collective direction for all of us.

Sheran commented on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 at 20:28 PM

gacpl, I think murrlet needs the same lesson as Jimmy Darsey! Buy flowers and kiss a$$. BOOM! Your back in. "Bad Breath"... but back in.

Funkentelecky commented on Saturday, Dec 01, 2012 at 21:12 PM

Thanks JimmyMack, I procured the Courier to read about the Chief because of you sir!

Thanks Chief, for being a great leader and a true patriot!

Funkentelecky commented on Saturday, Dec 01, 2012 at 21:34 PM

And Brother, can you respond directly to the Chiefs response as TOT has requested?

As Chief say's don't Obfuscate!

As Herman Cain say's don't S.I.N.

HMJC commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 08:39 AM

The negitive attention that "mule" receives is 100% self inflicted. Many of us have returned the shot across the bow after being verbally attacked. She won't be removed as our inalieable rights provide us the freedom to speak and choose how we feel. Seb, how do we act? easy actually. Do not respond to ANY comments submmited by our local antagonist. Remove the ability to hi-jack blogs or use the forum for bitter postings in order to try and portray one as superior. I have zero issue with someone not agreeing with me; all I would ask though is the counterpoint be supported by specifics and facts. Not hate anf spite. I say again, 100% do not respond to ANY post from our local agitator. This will either lead to the "mule" exploring different ways to debate, or she will find another forum to demostrate the shallow end of the pool.

sebekm commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 12:28 PM

"...inalieable rights..." do not include violation of the site's terms of use. The Big Freeze has been tried before without success. All I'm saying is that we ALL have to comply with the rules. Don't be an enabler and ignore, because all it produces is more of the same. I've been dealing with this issue for more than three years now, and have seen all the permutations.

up2sumptin commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 15:04 PM

When I feel anyone is being "inappropriate" on the blogs, I just stop reading or responding to what they are posting in that blog. What good is it to call someone a "J-Arse" if that someone refuses to read the post? You cannot be called an idiot or be inflicted with other abuse if you refuse not only to respond but to read what is being written. If the person is being appropriate in another blog, I will respond as long as they are appropriate. It is called positive and negative reinforcement. If it works with children and dogs, I can't see why it wouldn't work with some infamous bloggers as well.

HMJC commented on Monday, Dec 03, 2012 at 16:27 PM

Regardless, our nemisis serves as a perpetual antagonist, and at times the asininity is bordeline entertaining. It can serve as a unwanted distraction but almost always overshadows the point of the initial blog. I have found that most people that go out of their way to make sure you know they are educated most times portray exactly the opposite.

timeontarget commented on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012 at 05:51 AM

Abusive comments on this site drag this medium down.

In the end it will be up to the director of this electronic community blog site to guide this group of participants either to the high road or let it continue to slide toward the ditch.

I for one hope that murrelet is throttled back just a little bit.

I wish she would quit being combative to any and all who are the least bit unlike her and use her superior wordsmith ability to help us all as we attempt to make this community a better place.

I long for the good ole days of the Liberty County Herald when the public was well informed of the "goings on" in the courthouse.

Nowadays we arn't even aware of who will be on the next grand jury.

timeontarget commented on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012 at 05:57 AM

An in depth look at the process of the selection of grand juries as well as trial juries might just be a good place for some discovery.

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012 at 18:55 PM

Up2: That's what I thought. Tried it. No go.

timeontarget commented on Wednesday, Dec 05, 2012 at 06:03 AM

There are some of us who participate on this site who seem to me to enjoy trash talking about others who are not like them more than they care to try to make positive comments about the community.

Bloggers for the most part are polite and attempting to make a difference within our community.

A couple of rotten apples can spoil the barrel.

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