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My heart goes out to the people up north that had so much devastation to their lives. Not to belittle what they have gone through and continue to go through, but how do you NOT have some kind of stash in case of something like this? I can understand the ones whose homes were destroyed needing immediate assistance, but if your home is still standing and you are just without power, how are you starving and thirsty after only 3 days? Why are you standing in line at the gas station running out of gas? Why didn't you fill up before the storm came? Why is there not a stash of food, water, etc in your home to last at least a week? When I went looking for a home, a major requirement was that it had at least 1 fireplace. If the power goes out in the winter, I can heat a significant portion of the home with the fireplace. In fact, I need to order more wood very soon. If the power goes out, I can throw some charcoal/wood on the grill and use my cast iron pots and pans and we are eating hot food. Life goes on. I even use a stove top percolator to make coffee. Keep a stash of canned meats, vegetables, bottled water, ice, gas in gas cans. When I was young, I was fascinated by the TV shows "Little House On The Prairie and The Waltons". I liked the kerosene lanterns and candles, so when I got older, I bought some. Here in coastal GA, we experience power outages quite regularly and they have come in handy a few times. To me, these are just common sense things to do.

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sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 12:42 PM

I think the problem is that the vast majority of the people are living month-to-month and via "deficit spending," so that they really have nothing to fall back on. Before I got ahold of my financial situation (i.e., while raising children and trying to provide for my family with one paycheck), I was in the same boat. An aggravating factor is that this way of living is encouraged - by our culture, by our media, - heck - even by our own GOVERNMENT. Credit is the order of the day, and if you don't have it: "Don't worry, we can get you what you want "on time" with NO credit check."

Our citizens as a whole don't have much common sense in this area because we no longer teach it at home, and being responsible - in just about EVERY way - is no longer a priority in this country.

I'm not sure that helps you understand - and you may not agree - but that's how I see it.

lholmes commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 14:51 PM

*sigh* Murr, there was nothing political about this post. I was asking a question about personal responsibility and what to me, seems like common sense. I don't have a generator and have suffered through storms and power outages, but we did not starve or freeze. I know that when the power goes out so does the fridge/freezer. I don't keep stores of freeze-dried food either, just ordinary, regular food, but I do have a bunch of canned foods, bottled water, matches, oil lamps, candles, flashlights, etc...just in case the power goes out. Seems to me like any person worth a dollar and a quarter would have some sort of basic emergency stash. That's all I was saying. After the multiple storms here in the south, Katrina and not Sandy, I don't see how anyone could NOT prepare. Hopefully if there are those out there that are reading this and don't have any, they will get some. I didn't do it in a grand gesture, it was a little bit at a time so that I didn't break the bank. Protect yourself.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 15:34 PM

"After all, after all the mess is cleaned up, THEY will be back to the business of PICKING UP THE TAB for Georgia and the other Southern States."

...UNLESS they are a BLUE STATE running a huge budget deficit, in which case THEY CAN'T EVEN PICK UP THE TAB FOR THEMSELVES.

For "Blue State Budget Blues, "see:

As it is, those of us in the RED STATES who are unaffected by the recent disaster are back to the business of picking up THEIR TAB, since it is our paid insurance premiums and tax dollars that subsidize THEIR clean-up.

Iknowyou commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 16:09 PM

lholmes, I was thinking about the very same thing. There was also a mandatory evacuation in some areas and very few people evacuated.
I was watching the news after the storm hit where they were interviewing some of the people that stayed in their homes and they all said the next time they will evacuate.

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 16:59 PM

"If the blue states had any choice about whether or not to keep subsidizing the red states, I'm sure they would choose not to do it."

And I would choose not to be "my brother's keeper" when it comes to abortions, welfare, cell phones, and food stamps as well. But that's what happens when you are a citizen of THE UNITED STATES.

As to how much tax you pay - In a perfect world, each state would carry its own weight and state/local taxes would cover state and local services and expenses. But for us, lack of perfection seems to result in total chaos. But when the states are running huge deficits, it's no wonder that the federal government has to intercede to bail them out.

Personally, I would prefer to see the states handle their own "subsidizing" without any bailouts. But we are now in a situation where everyone is over-committed and they will "belly up" to any trough that is made available. Nothing will change until the mentality and the system that springs from it changes.

golfnut31316 commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 19:46 PM


You sound as prepared for some kind of event as we are. The only thing we don't have yet is a generator.

lholmes commented on Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 at 00:01 AM

I have been researching generators. My problem is that I am a bit spoiled. I don't want one that runs a few things, I want one that runs the entire home. What I REALLY want is enough solar and wind combined to totally sustain everything. Its a dream for now, but its coming.

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