Retired Military Brass Make A Statement
"I Don't Mind A Parasite. I Object To A Cut-Rate One."
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Much has been made by the Obama campaign - and by the candiate himself - about the President's qualifications and competence as Commander-in-Chief. Today, more than 500 of the U.S. military's retired senior leadership are running an advertisement in a Washington, D.C. newspaper essentially saying: "Not so fast - we disagree."

Quoting from The Washington Times:

"Five hundred retired generals and admirals are running an ad in Monday's editions of The Washington Times calling on the country to elect Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

In plain terms the officers, who paid for the ad themselves, said they support Mr. Romney: "We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation's next president and commander-in-chief."

The ad then goes on to list all of the officers, in alphabetical order, in four columns of print.

The retired admirals and generals said they decided to take this public stand to try to head off "having to live through four more years of what has been experienced since January 20th, 2009."

For the list, see:

For the article, see:

Obviously, the stunning portion of the article is that these senior leaders "decided to take this public stand to try to head off "having to live through four more years of what has been experienced since January 20th, 2009."

In these blogs I have previously offered my opinions as to why I believe our armed forces have historically overwhelmingly preferred Republican presidents. This advertisement only further illustrates the point.

The message to Mr. Obama and to the American voters is clear: Simply ordering the "kill or capture" of bin Laden doesn't make you a leader that soldiers want to follow. Oh, sure - they'll follow and obey because it is their sworn duty, but when given a choice, they - as would ANYONE - would much rather follow somebody who they believe is looking out for them; for their best interests; for their health, welfare, and morale. Time and time again, Democratic party presidents have shown that they are basically insensitive to all of these.

Our armed forces are a tool - an instrument of our national policies who execute their duties as determined by and at the direction of our elected civilian leadership. They understand this. But they also expect to be treated with dignity and respect, as to their needs, their working environment, and as to the policies that their Commander-in-Chief puts in place to guide and regulate their activities and behavior. The 500+ retired senior military leaders who have decided to "go public" today in support of Mitt Romney for President of the United States understand this better than anyone. And they also understand that to re-elect somebody who has as his party's philosophy a position that guts your manpower, equipment, programs, retirement and healthcare systems, and most of all - your morale - is a MISTAKE. In other words - you don't reward somebody with four more years as president who pays lip-service to your needs and then treats you like a used prophylactic.

That's the statement our retired military brass has made today, and this old soldier hears it lima charlie.

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HMJC commented on Monday, Nov 05, 2012 at 15:55 PM

And Roger...

Funkentelecky commented on Monday, Nov 05, 2012 at 18:31 PM

Ten Four...

golfnut31316 commented on Monday, Nov 05, 2012 at 22:05 PM


Iknowyou commented on Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012 at 07:42 AM

I'm predicting Obama will take an early lead this morning until all the Republicans get off from work.

HMJC commented on Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012 at 08:16 AM

No worries, the "New Black Panthers" will be making sure all is on the "up and up" and various polling places...

sebekm commented on Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012 at 10:56 AM

....yes - they are on the loose in Philadelphia:

....and speaking of HYPOCRITICAL Democratic party Presidents who pay "lip-service" and who "loathe the military" - read this one for a good election-day laugh (and listen to the clip I just added above);

pmmarion commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 07:50 AM

A day late and a dollar short. lol

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Yes - and let's hope we're not all losers with these results. But election results change NOTHING as far as how the Democrats - and especially this president - view the military. The 500+ top military brass didn't come out in support of Romney as a frivolous or flippant exercise of campaign rhetoric. If you add it up, most if not all of these senior military leaders served 30+ years on active duty. That's more than 15 THOUSAND years of military experience serving this country. They know how things work, and they know that - during his first term - President Obama has performed as Commander-in-Chief consistent with the legacy of previous presidents of the Democratic Party. Until a Democrat President comes along who breaks with that "tradition," a GOP Commander-in-Chief will continue to be the preference of our fighting men and women.

SportsFan31313 commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 14:39 PM

Well I believe none of the above matters now, since the election is over, and our sitting President have been awarded four more years. Good thing we use America's Votes instead of Retired Generals, and Admirals. :-)

sebekm commented on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 at 15:50 PM

Sporty: ALL of the above still matters now - regardless of whether the election is over or not. You missed the point of the top brass endorsement of Romney. They weren't endorsing Romney the candidate; they were endorsing Romney THE OPPONENT OF OBAMA. And as long as the Democratic Party philosophy and actions as I outlined in my basic blog post continue, the military will continue to endorse the NON-Democrat every chance they get.

Sure - soldiers will do their sworn duty, but just ask anybody who served in the military between 1976 and 1988 who they preferred, respected, and WANTED to be their Commander-in-Chief. It makes a difference - to soldiers; to their families; and ultimately to the security and well-being of this country.

So it STILL matters - and it always will.

SportsFan31313 commented on Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 at 12:52 PM


My good blogging friend, I was only speaking about the election. :-)

sebekm commented on Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 at 14:52 PM

I was, too, Sporty. Next time, you can be sure that unless something changes within the Democratic Party (which I seriously doubt since I've been waiting for it to do so for forty years), our military - active duty and retired - will continue to prefer a REPUBLICAN in the White House.

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