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As Election Day draws nigh, the mudslinging continues, Promises of deeds that will be accomplished are made, and the media circus ensues. All of which dilutes the possibility of voters making an informed decision. An informed decision in this day and age seems to consist of “what is the benefit I will receive” The polls have the obomanator in the lead, is this due to his skill as a finisher? Or is he riding the wave of the ineptitude of the Republican Party. However, he is continuing to make promises of what he will accomplish if elected. I have attached a link of some of the failed promises from his first term. This is not all encompassing and frankly probably is jaded with e republican view point. However, as we look back on the last four years, what really comes to mind as a success of the current administration? Oh wait I know…
- No voter ID needed
- Don’t ask Don’t Tell repealed
- Establishment of the Executive office of African American Education
- The success of the Afghanistan surge
- Potential amnesty for 800,000 illegal aliens
- Average of 8% unemployment for his term
- The national debt 3 x that of GWB

I am sure there is many more…

His current election point is “Incomplete” for which I have already blogged, for more years of good ideas but not substantiated of how to successfully fund or implement. With this said, I cannot provide a list of why Romney will be better, but I feel it is better that a list of failed achievements. If you are voting based on color, you are part of the problem; black or white. You have to be very careful of an incumbent president. He cannot be re-elected so he has nothing to lose. We need to think about why we are going to reward someone who has not successfully completed anything that we can tout as a benefit for all Americans. Notice I said Americans, not Black, White, Asian, Hispanic; just American. I challenge you to do your homework, look past the issues on the surface and try to bear down on some semblance of the truth. This election is paramount; the next four years are going to be crucial. Think long; think hard about that before you depress that switch. Your decision affects more than just you.

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HMJC commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 14:54 PM

And Roger.....

Iknowyou commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 15:37 PM

I am not necessarily a Mitt Romney fan. I just feel that of the two candidates with a viable chance at the Presidency…Romney is the lesser of the two evils.

If ever there was a time we needed a Ronald Reagan or even John F. Kennedy….now would be that time.

Contrary to popular belief at times, I do befriend folks from all walks of life. Their race, sexuality, religion, or political views usually doesn’t matter much to me. If they are respectful of mine I try to tolerate theirs no matter how insane I may think they are. I do not allow status quo whatever that may be influence my decisions.

Both say what they think their demographic wants to hear and nothing more. Both are selling turds in a candy wrapper and calling it a Baby Ruth. Barrack Obama has done nothing but pushed his own political agendas for this nation…despite how you feel about his agendas….they have come ahead of the real problems and issues this country has.

The Right and Left Wings have tried to turn this into an election of social issues. Immigration, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, etc.; all of which are scare tactics to get your vote. Instead of focusing on the very real problems of this nation; economics, foreign policies and protection of our Constitution.

Forget the hype about Obama for a minute. Just consider what he has done in the past four years. Forget for a moment how we got here and consider what he has done to put this great nation in the direction we need to go. Let’s start with the fact that when Obama took office the economy was taking a nose dive. People were losing their jobs…some are still looking for jobs 4 years later. Housing markets were plummeting……4 years later you still can’t sell for what you owe on a house. In 2008 we had troops in Afghanistan and in Iraq and were promised they would be home in 18 months. While some did come home, the fighting continues in Afghanistan and the troops that are still in Iraq are now called advisors and non-combative. Since when did we come up with a non-combative military? That’s what I was taught was an oxy-moron.

While it’s true he hasn’t increase taxes; what did he authorize instead? Instead we just print more money, watch our credit rating with the world drop twice and still do not have a budget to get us back on track. Blame it on the Bush or the republicans now if you want to….but it was a democratic Congress when he took office.

HMJC commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 15:48 PM

That was the point I was trying to get across. Why are we contemplating "hiring" someone for four more years when the first four amounted to nothing. "I will have more leeway when I am re-elected" I have had enough leeway, how about you?

HMJC commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 16:21 PM
up2sumptin commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 16:30 PM

There is always a thrid choice.....

up2sumptin commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 17:10 PM

Yeah I know...sad though

Funkentelecky commented on Monday, Oct 01, 2012 at 22:01 PM

I agree with Gary Johnson more than I do Mitt Romney; however a vote for Johnson is like a half vote for Obama.

timeontarget commented on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2012 at 07:28 AM

I am an American.

I'm not a republican nor democrat.

I often think I'm a Libertarian but I won't waste my vote in that because I would only help to retain the current leadership.

We need a change, a real change from the past four years actually from the past fifteen years.

We need to return to the strict adherence of our constitution.

We need to have a budget (a balanced one too) and we need to return to God and the Bible.

Iknowyou commented on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2012 at 07:53 AM

I will continue my rant.

Nobama promised to create jobs through the rebuilding of the infrastructure of America’s roads, bridges, and railways. What has happened? Notta….instead the Super Highway from Mexico to Canada is stalled, the oil pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf has been scrapped, and we still have one of the slowest railway systems in the world. Airlines are going bankrupt or cutting back on the services they once offered for free.

After, all the hype about bailing out the car companies; who builds the Hummer’s now? Yet, all the automaker CEO’s still received huge cash bonuses each year. Where are all the cars meant to free this country of oil dependency and make it a greener planet. Instead all three car companies are focusing on the muscle cars of the past….don’t get me wrong…I love muscle cars, it’s just not what we need right now.

Instead of pushing issues this country needs this President has shoved his own agenda down our throats….like so called free health care for everyone. If freedom isn’t free how can universal health care be? Instead of balancing the budget or creating more jobs first, he has assigned cabinet members who decide to just print more money. Instead of bringing more peace to the Middle East… we now have even more violence, allowed Iran to get that much closer to building nukes and abandoned one of our only true allies, Israel.

We no longer are a Super Power the world can depend on….Israel has finally said enough already and drawn the line in the sand with Iran. Who does Obama think will be drawn into another Middle Eastern war if Israel and Iran go at it? I can tell you now we can be neutral if we wanna be, but Iran won’t be. They will not spare any resources in eliminating any ally Israel might have. All the while we are sending money to the Muslim Brotherhood that creates most of the violence over there and then apologizing to them for attacking us. Here in the states he is advocating gay rights, while funding gay rights in countries that kill gays. Hell, even sending a gay diplomat to Libya to be raped and killed then flip flopping around on whether this was a terrorist act or not. He brags about giving the orders to the killing of Bin Laden yet turns another terrorist prisoner free. He has by passed congress and made his own law of granting terrorist caught in wartime from a foreign country the same judicial rights as American citizens. In other words, you can be a foreigner, fly a plane into the Twin Towers now or bomb Pearl Harbor and we will go to court before going to war and all the while pay for the judicial process…tell them they have the right to remain silent….and pay for a lawyer to represent them. Where else in the world does a terrorist have so much freedom and rights? Somewhere someone says waterboarding terrorist that that threaten US security while our citizens overseas are raped, murdered, imprisoned, and beheaded is tolerable.

Iknowyou commented on Tuesday, Oct 02, 2012 at 07:53 AM

The media is now is so slanted it’s unreal. You have to HAVE to read between the lines and ask yourself what’s not being said to get the truth of the matter. Never in history has the media been so biased or manipulated. The National Enquirer is no longer a tabloid but now has become a so called viable source of real news.

Have you notice where Opra Winfrey is now? For someone who was so vocal during his first election, where is she now? She has been awful quite as of late. Wonder why?

No….I am not a big Mitt Romney fan…but his values are closer to what this country needs than Obama’s….and when I look at what has happened in just the past four years…..not just the past 40 years….I know this President is not taking us in the direction we need to go. I would vote for Larry, Curly and Moe before casting my vote for Obama. This is where I have to get off the bus driving down the Bridge to No Where.

If you want an idea of where this country is headed under this current administration; you only have to look as far as California. When I was a kid the lyrics to Beverly Hillbillies was “Well the first thing you know ol’ Jed's a millionaire, Kinfolk said "Jed move away from there, " So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…. Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars. “……oh yeah life was good in California back then. Look at where all the liberal extremism and pushing their own political agendas since then has got them. Bankrupt and looking for a bail out of their own. They still argue over social issues making them more important than economic issues. People now are leaving in droves to other parts of the country and still spreading all this liberal extremism. Now they sing the song from ”Hee Haw”… “ if it weren’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all”…and it’s all of their own doings.

Don’t talk to me about what either candidate might do, but what they have done. Make your vote count for something….and do vote. Big Government is counting on you not caring enough to change things.

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