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Tax $$$ @ Work
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Last comment by sebekm 2 years, 1 month ago.

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Should I mention to The Powers That Be the new street signs are a joke? Take for imstance. The sign at the intersection of MLK and Hey 84. The cross street. Is labor d Fraizer Drive but the street name is Fraser Drive
I guess. I am not the only one with spell cheçk problems.

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sebekm commented on Friday, Aug 31, 2012 at 10:39 AM

But they do seem to correct their mistakes every now and then. Aside from replacing some relatively new street lights around town (more tax $ @ work), I think they finally got it right at the intersection coming off General Stewart Way onto Hwy 84 (got rid of "no turn on right" sign; made the right lane a left or right turn). I guess we now have to watch the accident stats to see whether the new scheme is a problem, but I like it.

I was surprised that it took them so long to change the name of Frank Cochran Drive. For those who don't know the background, James Francis "Frank" Cochran III was a former Fort Stewart commanding general and local resident who had left the military just prior to my arrival here in 1981. Unfortunately, the circumstances under which the General left the Army included an Article 15 and a forced retirement. One of the allegations documented on his Article 15 included the inappropriate use of troop labor for "non-military" purposes. As I recall, one of the purposes widely discussed back then was the use of engineer batallion personnel to build the on-post section (and maybe some of the off-post section) of what ultimately became Frank Cochrane Drive. So I found it most curious that after he was forced out and given an Article 15 to boot, the local community chose to name a street after him. Most of us considered it an "in your face" response by community leaders to what they felt was unfair treatment of one of their favorite military comrades.

I see that they did wait until after the General's death (in 2010) to change the name of the street. But eventually, they've corrected this mistake as well.

sebekm commented on Friday, Aug 31, 2012 at 10:44 AM

(of what ultimately became Frank Cochran Drive, that is....)

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