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Local Youth Sports
Last comment by BillMacDonald 5 years, 9 months ago.

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Too much of a good thing? At some point you would think the proponants of all the differant venues would sit down and find a way to work cooperatively for the youth rather than competing for the kids to go to their program.

Lets take Soccer seeing that this is right around the corner. Some of the middle schools offer it and some don't which I can not quite understand, but really seem to get little of how public education works here in Liberty County.

I digress, ... We have the rec department, YMCA, Ft Stewart all offering recreational Soccer for pretty much the same deal. yet none of them can produce effective learning experiences for the kids. With Co-ed teams and a wide variety of skill levels, you are limited as to what you can teach as some kids won't get it or others are bored stiff.

Perhaps them dividing the pie so to speak, would actually benefit the kids. One program offer Girls Soccer, one program offer boys soccer and one program offer novice soccer. Sounds easy right but they will never sit down and discuss it.

Kids learn to play better off of others who play better, so if all the better players were in one league that would be ideal... Competition with like / equal teams... Great concept.

GATORS also offer rec soccer, the players are about as talented as in the other groups but they travel a bit further for thier games and are a lot more expensive. I tried to offer youth soccer at that level at a lower rate for three years, but not enough were interested to make it work. Gators are selective though on who can participate.

Maybe parents could encourage this change or make the change themselves by signing their kids up by catagory to provide them a better opportunity... Lets just say Liberty Rec for experienced boys, Ft Stewart for experienced Girls and for kids new to the game maybe YMCA. I really don't care how it sets up but I want my boys to get the best opportunity playing and I can not afford to do the Drive to Savannah three times a week for soccer like we have for the past several years.

Would love feedback!


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BillMacDonald commented on Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 at 21:03 PM

Well yes I am persistant in wanting things better for the kids in this community and my kids who live in this community. If you still think this isn't the place to incite community involvement. It is a lot more appropriate than the constant bickering the majority of the "contributers" here participate in.

I noticed a lot of negitive votes which I find odd. Do people here think that dividing all the kids up amoungst four groups is a good thing?

Heterogenious grouping especially in sports is fact driven, not just preferential.

It is even more effective in education, especially boys, though people still resist that as well.

Basically kids perform better with kids who are similar im performance and ability. It is also notable the skilss regress when not challenged.

BillMacDonald commented on Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 at 21:24 PM

Back when I was coaching in High School and in Middle School no matter the sport, we worked with the community youth programs to provide the best feeder programs to the schools we could develop.

This worked exceptionlly well and provided great opportunity for the players.

BillMacDonald commented on Sunday, Jul 22, 2012 at 05:46 AM

If anyone cares... The Ft Stewart Sign up ENDS on AUG 3, I hope all the talented girls are registered there.

Librty Cunty Recreation Soccer Sign Up Starts August 1 I hope all the experienced boys get signed up there.

YNCA Dates I can not find But I hope all the Novice (new to soccer) Playters sign up there. Giving allthe kids equal opportuntities to improve based on the skills of teamates and opponant teams.

Good Luck.... I hope people try this so the kids get the best opportun ities

Thank You,
Bill MacDonald

BillMacDonald commented on Sunday, Jul 22, 2012 at 23:46 PM

Sorry typing on my phone keyboard is not quite as easy as my real computer!

I hope no one takes offense!

BillMacDonald commented on Monday, Jul 23, 2012 at 21:41 PM


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