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My driver's license expired this past week and dread set in when I saw I was not going to be able to renew it online. It seems everything you hear about going to a Department of Driver Services office is bad; long lines, long waits, rude clerks, etc. And my dread intensified when I realized I needed to go early so the process wouldn't disrupt my workday too much. So imagine my surprise — and delight — when I actually had a near-pleasant experience. I was in and out in about 15 minutes. I got there just after the Hinesville office opened. Probably 25-30 other people were there on similar business. But there was no wait to see the first clerk who handed forms to me after hearing what I needed. I sat down in the waiting area, filled out the two-page form and was starting to compose a text message to colleague when it was announced that my number was up to see another clerk. This clerk — Laura B, I think her name tag said — took the forms, asked a couple questions, punched information into a computer, took my picture, ran my credit card, handed me a temporary license and told me the permanent copy would arrive in the mail in a few weeks. My only complaint is the photograph she took. It makes me look like a pale orangutan, but I guess that's more my fault than Laura's.

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