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How many of you know that doctors can test you for use of all sorts of drugs (over counter and prescription as well as illegal drugs) without your knowledge and there is nothing you can do about it.

However you do have rights in that doctors and staff cannot pass on details and results of drug related tests to others without your written and signed consent.

The above has to do with doctors appointments at their office.

Emergency room has a different set of rules and results can be reported.

So the next time you go for a doctors visit for annual physical, or because you are sick and you are asked to give a urine sample make sure before you do that you ask them what they are testing for and make note of it and name of person who gave you the answer.

If you are asked to give a urine sample and asked to sign a waiver form for them to do so make awful sure you read what it says about the type of testing they are going to do and if it is not specific make sure to ask what type testing they are doing.

Where is the trust between doctor and patient if doctors are allowed to run all sorts of test on us and don't have to tell us the type they are running.

IMHO (in my humble opinion) if you find yourself with such a doctor that does not disclose the type tests he is running when you give him/her a urine sample and later find out they ran test for the use of cocaine, morphine, methodone and did not tell you they were and why FIRE HIM/HER and find a reputable doctor that has your interst in your well being in helping find what is the issue with your health and than sit you down and recommend venues of what to do to get you healthy again.

Especially if you go to a Pain Management Clinic be aware that the urine sample you give them is to find out if you are addicted to drugs and no other reason.

It would not be so bad if they also tested for what type of over the counter drugs you might be using but to test only for illegal drug use is an insult and makes one feel violated especially when they are not told it is being done.

What has happened to the days where a doctor talked to you first to find out why you set an appointment with him/her and get information as to what you are experiencing and than determine what type testing needs to be done and go from there.

So be aware if the first words out of a receptionist mouth is take this bottle and pee in it ask questions an refuse to do so until you see the doctor and he/she explains what type tests they are going to run.

Now if you are not an illegal drug user or an abuser of over the counter drugs you should have no problems in agreeing to take such a test provider they test for over the counter drugs and other drugs but it would be nice to be let known that they are doing so and why.

The biggest surprise is getting your billing from your insurance company itemizing that the urine testing was specifically for drug abuse which you can contest with your insurnace company that you have no knowledge of that type test being done on you and that they should not pay it or if they did get there money back.

In this area be specifically cautious if your insurance is Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Prime (or any of the Tricare programs). They are all government sponsored even though we pay for our Medicare and Tricare Insurance Plans.

Make sure to get an itemized list of all the charges and get them to give the proper codes for the testing done. With that in hand you can get Medicare and/or Tricare to investigate and reverse if need be and for that matter you should be able to do it with any insurance company.

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Graeme245 commented on Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 at 00:16 AM

Respectfully please know that once you reach the age of "65" and are paying not only full/maximun premiums on "Tri-Care" plus Medicare you can be thrown out of the system, denied all medical care to include VA coverage because of prior 'military' other words they will take your money and no doctor will take you on as a patient (especially if you have copies of original military medical documents predating '1970'

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