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The Tail Keeps Wagging

Another special news conference to discuss the downing of the jet in the Ukraine. Still alluding to it being Russia's fault. His key point this time was to make sure an international investigation was able to be conducted unabated in a "War Zone" in order was to "Find Out What Happened"

Really? We already know it was shot down; most likely by the "Russian Separatist" do to the fog of war. What ...

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Last comment by HMJC 54 minutes ago
Global Warming Real or Not

At the risk of detracting from my blog below I nevertheless feel compelled to ask this question and take a head count, so to speak of those who care to comment. Just a yes or no will do, or you can add a comment to your answer if you like.

A. Is Global Warming Real? Is the World becoming warmer?


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Last comment by JimmyMack 14 hours, 4 minutes ago
Five Reasons for Warren to Run

Though it is too early to rule out Hillary in making a run for President. She is indeed formidable and battle tested. She presently trumps ANY Republican, Establisment, Tea Party or otherwise. The one Republican even within striking distance of her is Tea Party Rand Paul. The one with the pubic hair on his head that is without a part in it. You can't miss him.

Anyway, we Democrats have a formidable ...

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Last comment by HMJC 52 minutes ago
Lost Emails/Hard Drives Plague Obama Admin

Here’s further proof that the Obama administration STILL isn’t taking IRS-Gate seriously. As reported last week in an exclusive by Larry O'Connor of the Independent Journal Review:

“Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators

No one from True The Vote, the highest profile organization targeted by the IRS in the scandal involving improper scrutiny of conservative-leaning non-profits, has been interviewed by the FBI ...

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Last comment by JimmyMack 1 day ago
In Case You Missed It……

….here’s some news from the recent headlines:

*Ah, the wonders of modern technology. Now they’ve come up with something they’re calling THE RAPE REPELLANT BRA. According to the headline at

“This Rape Repellant Bra Will Shock You – LITERALLY”


“Engineering students in New Delhi have developed a bra that shocks and burns potential attackers. It also has GPS”

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Last comment by timeontarget 1 day, 2 hours ago

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