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Obama’s “Legislative” Strategy

According to our Constitution, the Congress is supposed to MAKE the laws; the President is supposed to “faithfully EXECUTE” the laws, and the Judiciary is supposed to INTERPRET the laws (in a constitutional and legislative context).

But now comes our President who believes his oath of office is not to “faithfully execute” (all) of the laws of the United States, but to SELECTIVELY execute those laws as he sees fit – be ...

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GOP On Track To Win Majority In U.S. Senate

That’s the consensus of several recent news articles – as well as a recent New York Times/CBS News/YouGov poll. For you political junkies (like me), here’s the analysis in detail:

*As pointed out in the article at, titled: “NYT Poll: Signs Point to GOP Majority in Senate”:

“If the midterm elections were held today, the Republican party could expect a three-seat majority in the Senate next year, according ...

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Should we do it?

Climate change it is happening and at an alarming rate. The climate does change it is cyclic, however climate change is happening now at a much quicker rate. One of the number one culprits to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels and carbon being released into the atmosphere.

The burning of fossil fuels made a huge difference in the generation of electric power. Man was able to generate power for ...

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GOP Just laid a heavy one on the American People

BREAKING: Senate Republicans filibustered the Bring Jobs Home Act today July 30 ,2014. The bill received 54 votes, short of the 60 needed.

Senate Republicans Vote Against American Jobs By Blocking Bill To End Outsourcing Tax Breaks

Senate Republicans blocked a bill today that would potentially bring millions of jobs back to the United States by refusing to end tax breaks for companies who outsource jobs.

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You smell like Government Cheese

More than seventy-five percent of U.S. conservatives believe that “poor people have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything,” according to a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Today, I'm going to educate you-how the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer. Yes, most of the Rich are Rich because you show up for work everyday and work for low wages.

If the poor and ...

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