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Clinton Foundation Busted

Politics: Busted: Clinton Foundation told IRS it got no donations from foreign governments for three years . . .

Image Credit: The Inevitable
Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday April 23rd, 2015
Dan Calabrese

. . . and has now been forced to admit that's not true.

The biggest news here may not be the news itself, although it's certainly significant.

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White supremacist gang-headed meth operations

A meth trafficking ring with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood that operated in Chatham, Effingham and elsewhere has been dismantled.
Nearly 50 people have been arrested or are currently wanted following a lengthy investigation conducted by the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team (CNT).


In October 2013, CNT, in a partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration Savannah, began investigating multiple people believed to ...

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Clinton Foundation employee got a life sentence.

Clinton Foundation employee just got a life sentence. Will be a BIG problem for Hillary.

Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on April 21, 2015

Earlier this month, Gehad el-Haddad, a senior adviser and media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood was sentenced to life in prison in Egpyt.

The son of Morsi’s former foreign affairs adviser Essam el-Haddad, he was the main English-language spokesman for the Muslim ...

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Jacob has never been to prison

The esteemed right wing Dr. Ben Carson says "prison confinement "determines sexual orientation (choice.)" The Conservative Doctor might can divert a cranial aneurysym, but he knows zilch about sexual predisposition.
dr. Carson recently proffered up that "prison PROVES that sexual orientation is a CHOICE."

Jacob, and many others it seems, are becoming more and more recognized as being genetically predisposed to their own sexuality regardless of what the right wing surgeon ...

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Last comment by JimmyMackIII 8 minutes ago
The Third Anti-Christ????

First, let me state that I am no theologian. I am an opinionated bozo on a bus that seems to attract right wing haters like an electric bug zapper attracts insects. But it seems, that among the extreme right, there exists some that believe Obama just might be the prophesized third anti-Christ

Looney Toon, Michelle Bachman is on record that Obama is ushering in the Rapture. To be honest, I do not ...

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