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Biblical Numerology and Supernatural Deliverance

I understand by the word that the rapture will occur and it will happen during the age in which we live. If you study this message objectively I believe that you will come to the same conclusion.

Let me say that every word in scripture has been placed exactly where God wants it to be and has been placed there for a purpose. God uses words and numbers in his word to ...

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Trump's plan for gun owners.

Trump Releases His Plan for 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious

One common criticism of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues.

That is no longer the case,

at least regarding his stance on gun rights and the Second Amendment,

as Trump just ...

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Buchanan / America First

At Last, America First!
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Friday - April 19, 2016

Whether the establishment likes it or not,

and it evidently does not,

there is a revolution going on in America.

The old order in this capital city is on the way out,

America is crossing a great divide,

and there ...

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Mr. Invincible?

Donald Trump's Politically eviscerating juggernaut continues to disembowel the GOP, even while his proclaimed Party of choice, is doing its level best to STOP him. But they cannot do it. The GOP's supposed 'savior' is Ted Cruz who John Boehner, former GOP Speaker of the House, just called "Lucifer incarnate." I agree with Boehner on that one. Ted Cruz is an uncompromising Tea Party Lunatic of the highest order. Once while in the well of ...

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America First from Drudge Report

Apr 27, 1:56 PM EDT

Trump vows to put "America first" in foreign policy

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a rare formal policy speech, Republican front-runner Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to put American security

"above all else"

if elected president,

warning allies they would be left to defend ...

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