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Draining the swamp

The latest from our friend up in the sand-hills. If all bloggers with an open mind will ponder this from the perspective of what is best for all Americans we think this is an answer to most of our problems.
Draining the swamp

Just how bad is the Washington DC swamp? An article by Howie Carr in the Boston Herald presents some interesting statistics.

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target bathrooms

when target changed there bathroom policy liberals were all for it. but they forgot one major factor of business, "know your customer base". very few liberal actually shop there, most shop at wal-mart to save money. their customer base is primarily conservative and upper middle class. so target paid the price with about 6 billion loss in estimated sales in the first few months. now the company was just reevaluated and a company value loss ...

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Public/Private Partnerships in Liberty County

It is important to broach this subject because of recent events in Hinesville. We just celebrated the grand opening of arguably Hineville's largest commercial development in it's history. Oglethorpe Square is finally here. If the trade port developments had not been previously built I would say it is the largest in the history of the county. I can't recall excitement greater for a planned development in Liberty County. Our locals officials gathered around to pat ...

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Bold new idea from President Trump

This is from the top story this morning on The Drudge Report. Please read and consider carefully what this could do to help improve our government.

Jared Kushner is President-elect Donald Trump's son-in-law but he's also one of his key confidants. Here's a closer look at the man who is expected to be a senior adviser to the president in Trump's White House.

By Ashley ...

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Deaths of Despair’ Surge Among White Working Class

This article is meant to educate--not trigger negative emotions. Don't discount the story because the focus is on the death despair of white Americans.

Deaths of Despair’ Are Surging Among the White Working Class and it's scary. The sad part is the very people that are dying are fighting against their best interest. The ACA provides a safety net for millions. of men, women and children, and could have been more beneficial ...

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