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Watch out-Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Loose- Long Co

I hope folks never forget how flexible conservative Christians are about morality. They scream about saving unborn fetus but love to kill people on death row DESPITE the fact that we've had hundreds of people proved innocent through a mixture of re-examination of the evidence and DNA tests. They whimper about the beauty of being a mom but have no problem voting for a party that continually wants to cut WIC and other safety nets. ...

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Last comment by JimmyMackIII 14 hours, 55 minutes ago
The DOJ’s “Oppressive” Law Enforcement Reforms

Much has been made of the policy reforms being proposed by the United States Department of Justice for the City of Cleveland Police Department. From the build-up given these reforms by or illustrious news media, I thought these changes would be substantial, if not radical. As a United States citizen, I often find myself dreaming of a day when the rights and liberties I was taught are mine will become a de facto reality. Then, ...

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when the D.O.J. gets involved

the D.O.J. said Baltimore over patrolled the black community, so they cut down the patrols to match the white neighborhoods. but look at what has happened since.

26 Shootings, 9 Fatal, Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore, and the weekends not over yet.

WJZ media partner The Baltimore Sun reports 35 people have been killed so far in May making it the deadliest month in Baltimore since December of ...

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Last comment by Sheran 1 day, 14 hours ago
What is ALEC?

Has anyone ever heard of this before? It's a first for me, and I do not like the sound of it!

It maybe the norm... sounds like it breaks the "Sun Shine Law".

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Last comment by timeontarget 2 days, 2 hours ago
what is wrong with people

they are putting this memorial up for a criminal thug that was killed while trying to assault a police officer.

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Last comment by JimmyMackIII 2 days, 1 hour ago

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