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Why establishment opposes Trump

I have copied a must read for any American patriot. I hope all who frequent this site will read and honestly consider these most serious words.

Interesting take on Trump!

According to Bill Bennett (

Bill Bennett's Morning in America
A fast-paced, eye-opening morning show featuring intelligent conversation with top guests from the worlds of politics, ...

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Last comment by Sheran 6 hours, 51 minutes ago
Election to renew ESPLOST

The Liberty County Board of Elections has called for a special election to be held on the 24th day of May, 2016 to determine the question regarding continuing or terminating ESPLOST.

This is an opportunity for us to have our sales tax lowered another penny on the dollar.

This would promote surrounding County residents shopping in Liberty County and supporting job opportunity here.


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Last comment by Sheran 7 hours, 6 minutes ago
"White Guilt" Video Shown to High School Students (Staff Blog)

I had to post this blog in the Humor/Jokes section because it is so comical that this video was actually created and then shown to students in Virginia.  The video is appalling and disgusting, and another example of how some ignorant people desire to continue to get "something for nothing" and to cause racial problems.

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Last comment by timeontarget 15 hours, 8 minutes ago
Republican Led House Cuts Funding2 Soldiers/Family

This is a Slap in the face to our veterans and soldiers that have served and reenlisted to transfer their EARNED PRIVILEGE over to their family. The Republicans are robbing the poor to cover corporate welfare and give out huge tax breaks to the rich. When will people wake up and realize that the party of old rich folks doesn't give a darn about the middle class or poor. When will folks stop voting against ...

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Last comment by wood17 2 days, 16 hours ago
Could it happen here?

A POSSIBLY interesting editorial from the Valdosta Daily Times:
What happened in Habersham County could happen in Lowndes County.

It could happen anywhere in Georgia.

Violating the Georgia Open Meetings Act is serious, and officials in Habersham County have found out it can also be expensive.

According to an article published in the Gainesville Times and information from the Georgia First Amendment Foundation, county officials ...

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