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Nov 23, 2014
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Jimmy Darsey
BIRTHDAY: May 15, 1949
LOCATION: HInesville, GA
BIO: 65 wid three grand-boys! Two grown sons, and am married to lovely wife Carolyn. Our "other" child is Isabelle Louise other wise known as Izzy to her friends. She is a 9 lb. Yorkshire Terrier and has never met a stranger. I like politics, controversy, rock and roll, espousing alusions regarding the longevity of livestock, comedians and sports. Also Design on a Dime, Curb Appeal, House Hunters, David Bromstadt and Vern Yip. I like to wear baggy clothes, have an emerging lisp, am generally not known as a social butterfly, and absolutely abhor belching females. To relieve stress, I disrobe and run thru the house screaming profanities for 15 minutes. I also can kill pleasant party get togethers just by entering the room.

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