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Dec 22, 2017
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John Howard
OCCUPATION: Military specific
BIRTHDAY: Apr 08, 1946
LOCATION: Hinesville, GA
BIO: HS grad, Assoc Degree, University of Md, Retired military 46th SF, 7th SF Gp, 1st SF (U.S. Army), Vietnam Vet, MACV Advisory Team 89, carried a BAR + ammo 'cause I was the smallest dude, .45 Cal Thompson, M203 Detcord, Claymores, C-4 .45 Cal Grease Gun Frags, .45 Cal 1911A1, you name it. Relatives all over the U.S. (bunch of gypsies) former Board of Equalization member - kicked off - hated by other members for being to vocal, voting against property tax hikes , disliked by Clerk of Court. It was a Cub-Scout-like operation. Great Bio huh? It's was all just a routine everyday SNAFU and FUBAR operating procedure.

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